There was this time in Amsterdam… #TeamRem


There’s nothing I love more than watching a red hot rock star strutting his stuff on stage. And perhaps, in another lifetime, I would have loved to have been a groupie. It’s my fantasy and it doesn’t matter to me that the reality of it probably wouldn’t live up to the fantasy because…my life as a groupie? It’s all in my head!

6156297_sBut today, I have a guest on Supeortica who I think I would have ‘groupied’ (is that a verb? To groupie?) for big time! I have an exclusive interview with Alison Tyler‘s irresistible creation – rock god and Sandy-sub, Rem, from her latest release from Go Deeper Press, Those Boys! And, that time in Amsterdam he refers to later in the interview? In my little fantasy land, that could have been me!

T: Welcome to Superotica, Rem! First off, a question that I think a lot of people will be interested in knowing the answer to. Tell me about your name, Rem – it’s one I’ve never come across, so is it a nickname or short for something else perhaps?

R: Rem is short for “Remington.” It’s a family name. Well, that’s what I like to say. Actually, I’m named for a gun oil that my RemOilgrandfather used.

T: I’m starting gently with you, so bear with me. Your stage clothes are amazing. Where did you get your sense of style and how do you use it to express your personality?

R: I strive for a mix of Johnny Cash and Dean Martin. Elegant cowboy? Western Rat Pack. Class with a little edge.

T: I’ve seen you on stage – and you rock! Your stage persona is definitely in charge – you have the audience eating out of the palm of your hand. But when you’re off stage, you’re a sub. How does that work? Do you assume a different character when you perform?

R: The music takes me where I need to go. I wouldn’t say I’m truly a Dom on stage, though. I would say the beat is my master. I’m sub to the music. Or maybe I’m a conduit—the music flows through me, through every kinky permutation.

T: And this is the question I always have to ask musicians – tell us about the groupies.

R: Shhh. That’s one for the memoir. There was this time in Amsterdam…

T: Oh, yeah… (drifts off for a moment…) Sorry! I think I mentioned this earlier – in your private life, you’re a 24/7 submissive to everybody’s favorite Dom, Sandy. We know how you met but tell us what went through your mind the first time you saw him.

R: Even though I’ve written songs about love at first sight, I don’t think I believed in the concept. Not fully. But when Sandy spoke, I went weak kneed. I’d never felt someone’s strength like that—reach out and touch me without having him lay a finger on my skin. I had to know who he was. I couldn’t not follow him.

T: Have you always been a sub?

R: Kink has always interested me. I haven’t ever shied away from a new sensation. But with women, I was almost always in charge. I tended to draw to me the ones who wanted me to tie them up. To do things to them. Sandy flipped my switch.

T: Now, I have to ask this. Is there really a little part of you that’s a switch? You played hard to get with Sandy, teased him a bit when you first hooked up. Would you secretly like to dominate him?

R: Honestly, I wouldn’t want to try. Sandy has his own demons, his own secret fantasies—I’m sure. But me being in charge of him? No, Ma’am. No, thank you.

T: Sandy is, to my mind, a benevolent Dom. He works hard to give you and Vanessa what you need as subs and he obviously cares for you both. But is there ever a time when you’re just a little bit afraid of him?

R: Well, yes. He is fierce. When he’s in motion, he can seem dangerous. I’m never afraid he will harm me—but I have trembled at the power he possesses. He has no fear of playing with pleasure and pain. His fearlessness is intense.

T: Tell us, what would be your dream scene with Sandy and Vanessa?

R: Some sort of competition. With constantly shifting rules and a finish line nobody ever reaches. Alice in Wonderland’s game of croquet, I suppose. But with sex.

T: And finally, where do you see yourself in five years’ time? What does the future hold for you, Rem?

R: When I close my eyes, I see myself with Sandy and Vanessa. Five years. Ten years. Fifteen. Twenty. From now until the end. I couldn’t go back to the life I had before. I’m not his or hers. I’m theirs.

T: Wow! Thank you so much for the interview, Rem.

So if this sexy stud has got you a little hot under the collar, you can get a glimpse into his world with Sandy and Vanessa in Alison Tyler’s brilliant Those Boys.

Buy it at:

Go Deeper Press

Amazon UK


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