Superotica Valentine – Day 5



Hello, and welcome to Day 5 – and a fabulous treat! Today I’m hosting, for the first time on Superotica, Molly Moore. Most of you will probably already know her from her amazing blog, Molly’s Daily Kiss – and if you don’t, I can’t recommend Molly or her blog enough. But Superotica’s all about fiction and here’s a wonderful excerpt from Molly’s story Love to Hate, taken from Alison Tyler‘s Twisted anthology.


The cuffs are tight on my wrists and ankles and when I pull on them I can hear the distinctive sound of chains. The room is silent but for that and I lay there behind the dark of the blindfold playing with my own bonds. Pulling and twisting, making them talk to me. Their voice fits perfectly into my darkness and despite knowing I’m here in this room my mind slips to dungeons, guards and an evil captivity.

I’m happy here in this place, naked, vulnerable and blind. I wait for you, knowing you will come for me. For now my mind draws pictures for me, of who you are, and why you have me here like this. I know I should be scared of the unknown and ashamed of my nakedness but then I have never been very good at what I should be, why should chains and darkness and an electric fear change that now?

My body aches. I am glad of the moments respite from your abuse and yet I miss you already. My playful toying with the chains soon turns to a restful impatience. I hate waiting, I hate being left. I hate not knowing. I hate being played with. I live for this hate and the way you make me face my darkness. I love my hate. It is a passion.

The sound of the whip still rings. My body twitches at memory of the split ends trailing their evil kisses across my breasts leaving bright red welts in their wake. I moan at the memory and I crave more. I know the heat between my thighs betrays my love of the hate.

You’re silent in your approach and I’m so lost in my own body and mind that it’s not until I feel the bed shift under your weight that I know you’re back. Without a thought to the consequences words of admonishment spit from my mouth…

“Don’t leave me like this. Just do what you want with….”

The rest is muffled by your hand, words of venom and anger lost into your grip and silenced completely by your soft gentle “shhhh”. My tongue flicks out, tasting your palm, tentative at first, then with increasing greed until I am suckling on the soft flesh at the base of your thumb. I feast on you, my mouth consuming anything that you’re willing to give.

When you move your hand away my mouth feels desolately empty, pleading noises fill the back of my throat and like a little bird in the nest or a hungry baby at the breast my mouth searches anxiously for you.

I hate you even more. You’re playing with me, like a cat plays with a wounded mouse until it’s so broken all it can do is give itself up to the monster that has captured it. The hate charges through my body sending pulses of electric desire into my cunt, making me throb with agonising need.

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Superotica Valentine – Day 1



Welcome to Day 1 of the Superotica Valentine Countdown – 14 days of the hottest excerpts, sizzling pictures and some amazing guest appearances! I’m kicking off with an excerpt from my story, Sylvia’s Transgression, from Alison Tyler’s latest anthology, Twisted.





I’d barely caught my breath when I heard his footfall on the stairs.  I closed my eyes, willing myself to calm down.  He couldn’t know that I’d only just made it up here ahead of him.  He liked me quiet and ready for him, waiting patiently in position with plenty of time to spare, not flustered and flushed.  That would come later.  I clamped my mouth tight shut and breathed slowly in and out through my nose as I counted his steps along the landing.

The door handle clicked and then I sensed he was in the room, but I didn’t dare look.  No minor misdemeanors until I’d worked out what sort of day he’d had, what sort of mood he was in.  God, I hoped it had been a good day so we could have some fun this evening.  I hated it when he came in cross because of problems at work and took out his anger and frustration on me.  The balance between pain and pleasure is a fine line and when he’s angry he takes me right to my very limits.

But today wasn’t going to be like that.  Please…

I waited, listening to him taking off his jacket and pulling off his tie.  He hadn’t said anything but he often liked to keep me guessing.  I pushed the front of my hips against the edge of the mattress to make my ass even rounder.  I knew he found it irresistible.  I could smell the day’s sweat on him, mingling faintly with this morning’s cologne.  A hot shimmer of desire tightened deep within me.

I felt him sit on the edge of the bed and then his hand slipped inside my panties to caress my ass.  His skin was warm against mine and his touch so soft… I pushed up against him but immediately regretted my action as his hand drew away.  I knew I had to be completely limp; any sign of a response to him would result in punishment later and I still hadn’t worked out what sort of mood he was in.

Suddenly he grabbed my right wrist and yanked my arm back hard.  I gasped as a muscle tore in my shoulder but that wasn’t the worst of it.  He sniffed my hand, my fingers; then he licked them.  The air went out of my lungs as fear extended an icy grip around my chest.

‘These fingers have been where they shouldn’t have been, haven’t they?’

I didn’t dare answer, pressing my face into the duvet.

His hand was in my hair, pulling my head up.  I winced.

‘Haven’t they?’

‘Yes, sir.’

He let my head go and smelt my fingers again.

‘It’s not even you, is it?  It’s Merta I can smell on you, isn’t it?’

‘Yes, sir.’  It was practically a sob.

If only I’d done it earlier in the day, so I had time to wash myself and get rid of the smell.  What had possessed me to mess around with Merta just minutes before he was due home from work?

His weight lifted from the bed.

‘I had a long day, Sylvia, and I’m tired.’  His voice sounded angry.  It had that clipped, bitter tone that I’d learned to fear.  ‘And now this, you thoughtless bitch.  Move up the bed and take off your underwear.’

I wriggled from where I was lying bent over the bottom of the bed up to the center, shimmying out of my panties and discarding my bra as I did.  I knew what he was going to do.  The cuffs jingled as he lifted them from each corner of the bed head and I held out my arms compliantly.  I didn’t want this; I didn’t want to be hurt when he was angry with me.  A moment later my ankles had been fitted with a spreader bar extended to its widest setting.  I gasped a little as he strapped it on and instantly felt the weight of his hand across the back of my thigh.  A sharp sting followed by a long, slow burn reminded me to keep my mouth shut.

I heard him leaving the room and wondered where he’d gone.  I didn’t have to wait long; two minutes later he came back in and there was a second set of steps with him.

‘Come in, Merta,’ he said, as they both entered the room.

Merta was our maid.  She was slim and pretty, and spoke little English, and sometimes I could resist touching her, especially if he’d left me feeling horny when he went out to work.  She didn’t seem to mind and never shied away from my exploring fingers.

I could sense them standing at the end of the bed.

‘Show me, Merta, what she did to you.  How she touched you.’

A second later I felt a soft, feminine hand running up my thigh.  I tried to stop my hips from moving in response to the dull ache that started up in my pussy.  Her fingers stroked and caressed my butt cheeks as I’d done to hers and then silently slid down between them to push gently between my swollen labia.  My breath was ragged and I clamped my jaws tightly together, even though I wanted to lift my head and groan out loud.  The sensation of her cool fingers delving into my hot cunt was exquisite and I knew that she would only have to slide them in and out a couple of times to bring me to the brink.  But that would never be allowed.

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Here’s a Twisted teaser…


Regular readers will know that this week I’m celebrating the release of TwistedAlison Tyler‘s latest anthology for Cleis Press, in which I have a story. And last time I promised I’d have something more for you… I’ve also promised the lovely Ms Tyler that I would review a story by one of the other writers. So aren’t I lucky that I can kill two birds with one stone? (Surely as an erotica writer I can come up with something better than that – fuck two pussies with one… lick two nipples with one… Ah ha! Beat two buttocks with one cane – something Alison Tyler would definitely approve of!)12235975_s

So, now that your buttocks have stopped quivering… which story did I choose to review?

Be There With Bells On by Joan Defers.

(This one isn’t actually about buttocks or caning but I couldn’t resist this picture…)

So why did I choose this one? Well, one of the great thrills of getting my sticky paws on a bright, shiny new anthology is to run my eyes down the ToC and see how many of the other writers I know. It’s exciting to see my friends’ and colleagues’ names in print – and it’s just as exciting to see a raft of new writers named, whose work I’ve never read before. And when it came to Twisted, Joan Defers fell into the second camp. I’ve heard of Joan and I’ve come across her tweets on Twitter – and that’s been enough to whet my appetite and make me want to find out more.

And I wasn’t disappointed when I read Be There With Bells On. No, Sir, as the central character in this story might say. It’s a short piece – short and sweet – about a nameless, naughty sub who’s been set a torturous challenge by her Sir. Can she do it? What will happen if she fails? Does she even want to succeed?

Move along now – no spoilers here!

But I’ll give you a little teaser of Joan’s fabulous writing…

4488653_sShe kept her breath shallow, her movement fluid. Her hips swayed at half rate.

“A little faster,” he murmured. “We don’t have all day.” She tried to ignore the impatient tapping of the crop against his knee.

She glanced down at the clamps. He’d attached small weights to chains, and dainty silver bells dangled from the ends.

She glided with the posture of a debutante fresh from charm school. She channeled ballerina. She was grace, poetry in motion, the stillness at the depths of a bodhisattva.

She transcended.

He wanted the glass dildo with blood-red and mint-green swirls, and he wanted her to retrieve it without producing even a single tinkle from those bells.

She took a few more steps. Why did the bathroom have to be so far away?

She bit her lip and blew out her tension slowly, relaxing her back muscles. Blood rushed to her pussy, and her thighs throbbed.

Oh, why did this have to affect her this way? Her nipples in the clamps, the cold chain draped between them. That’s all it took to get her going anymore. She was easy, anymore. He was arrogant with it.

Her ears burned.

If she failed, so what?

He’d take that crop to her. He’d tie her up.

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Twisted – Bondage With an Edge

Massive excitement here on Superotica because, finally, it’s out! You can go and download your very own copy of Alison Tyler‘s brand new anthology, Twisted, from Cleis Press. And why am I so excited about this? Because I’ve got a story in this little beauty and it’s my first story in an Alison Tyler anthology – WOW!

I’ll be posting an excerpt from my story, Sylvia’s Transgression, soon – and I’ll be reviewing one of the other stories as well, so be sure to pop back. In the meantime, feast your eyes (once more!) on this glorious cover and then let the Table of Contents seduce you into reading further…



Twisted – Table of Contentsget-attachment

Tie Me Up by Andrea Dale
Foundation Stone by Jax Baynard
Love to Hate by Molly Moore
Dry Spell by Kristina Lloyd
The Customer’s Waiting by Giselle Renarde
Bound by Sight by J.Sinclaire
A Keeper by Sommer Marsden
Bondage Blogging by Meadow Parker
The Saturday Pet by N.T. Morley
Wilderness Test by Veronica Wilde
Be There With Bells on by Joan Defers
Demica by Tahira Iqbal
Jacob’s Note by Derek McDaniel
Any Lightness Between Black and White by Dante Davidson
Stag Beetle by Sacchi Green
Hands Down by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Sylvia’s Transgression by Tamsin Flowers
Body Temperature by Thomas S. Roche
Camwhore by Auburn Sanders
Twisted Realities by Kiki DeLovely
Rope Drought by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Justice by Sadey Quinn
Darkness and Light by Sophia Valenti
Broken by Alison Tyler

Tie Me Down by Dan Grogan

You can buy Twisted  at, Amazon UK and all good erotica retailers!