Well, hello October!


I can’t believe it’s October already and that means all things spooky, with Hallowe’en just around the corner… So of course, you know what’s coming. The zombies are shuffling out of their summer-long hibernation to get up to some more mischief – just in case you’ve been missing them, here’s a little teaser from Zombie Erotoclypse. And if you want some more, they’ll be putting in an appearance at K D Grace’s Things That Go Hump in the Night on 8th October and later in the month the delightful Sexy Librarian, Rose Caraway, will be featuring one of the Zombie Erotoclypse stories on the Kiss Me Quick’s podcast.

With a whole month ahead of us, I’m sure there’ll be more – just watch this space!





Excerpt from The Peeping Zom, one of the stories in Zombie Erotoclypse:

Zombie Stanley is desperate to have his wicked way with a healthy, flesh-and-blood woman – so when he hears a woman’s laughter coming from an abandoned house, he has to find out what’s happening…


At first he could see hardly anything at all.  The flame from a single candled glared in a pool of black. But as his eye gradually became accustomed to the dim light, he was able to make out the shapes of furniture.  And then bodies.  There were two people in what was obviously a bedroom, caught in a standing embrace, arms round each other and mouths locked in a kiss.  The woman had her back to the window and by the gold glint of her hair in the candlelight, Stan felt sure she was the Blonde from the jeep. He bit his lip as an appreciative grunt started to form in his throat.  He couldn’t afford to be caught now, not before he’d seen what was going on.

The man’s arms were working their way up and down the woman’s back and Stan could see her pushing her ass out as his hands skimmed the top of her butt cheeks.  She was horny as hell by his estimation.  They stumbled slightly so now Stan could see them both side on.  They were fully clothed, the Blonde in the same frayed jeans and scruffy tank she’d been wearing earlier, the guy in cargo pants and a dark T-shirt.  Stan had a better view of the kiss now, as well.  Open mouth to open mouth, the guy pushing down hard against her face, no doubt pressing his tongue deep inside, as she explored his mouth in turn.  The Blonde moaned and anchored her hands in the man’s unruly black hair.

After a minute or so, the guy stepped back from the kiss and dropped into a sitting position on a low bed to the left of the window.  He lounged back against the wall with his arms folded behind his head.

“Strip for me, babe,” he said, low and guttural.  “Show me what you got.”

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Romance…My Way – Zombies Are Hot! (WIN one now…)

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The Walking Dead is back on our screens – at last – and we’ve all gone zombie mad again. Okay, I’ve gone zombie mad again! And what could make a better Valentine’s Day date than a groaning, slavering, stumbling zombie?

Just kidding!

But seriously, I have written some pretty hot zombie erotica in my collection of short stories, Zombie Erotoclypse. And when I look at just how pretty and pink the cover is, I feel this post is really starting to come together!


When you first become infected with the zombie plague, just pray you have a guide like Berthold to teach you the way of the Zombie…

The street was dark and quiet now. Berthold’s mouth broke from mine and as he stood up, he pulled me to my feet.

“I’m taking you home,” he said.

His voice was a low rasp. He lifted me into his arms as easily as if I had been a child and with my head pressed against his chest I could the roar of his heartbeat. He covered the ground back to the apartment in long easy strides.

The moment the door had closed behind us his hands were on me, tearing at my clothes as he pushed me up hard against the wall. Within seconds my T-shirt lay shredded on the floor and my jeans followed, ripped down while still done up. He kissed my mouth insistently and then burned a trail of kisses down my throat.

What do you think of hot zombie erotica? Leave me a comment below to WIN YOUR OWN COPY!

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Superotica Valentine – Day 13



Back with my old friends, the zombies. Here’s a piece taken from the story that got me into trouble with Amazon – I Was a Teenage Zombie Virgin! (But don’t worry, he’s over 18!)

Like I said, every zombie has the vestige of the human he once was flickering inside him, and at that moment, I forgot our differences.  I forgot that I was zombie and she was a healthy girl.  I forgot that all I wanted to do was fuck her and then eat her and I caught her up in my arms and held her tight against my chest.

Great sobs pulsed through her for a couple of minutes, then she sniffed loudly.

“So you see, I couldn’t let them take another boy away from his family.”

She looked up at me, her dark hair curling in sweaty tendrils round her forehead, her liquid brown eyes full of trust.  I bent my head and I kissed her.  I kissed her in a way that I’d never kissed a girl before I was a zombie.  Our lips met, hers so soft compared with mine, rough and chaffed and scabby.  Her mouth opened and her tongue glided against my mouth, applying a gentle pressure until I let it slip inside.  I can’t say how it must have compared with her other experiences of kissing, though it was obvious she’d had some, but for me it was sublime.  Fireworks and flares went off in my gut and a burning sensation made my cock surge forward against my cut-offs.  I heard a low, guttural moaning, like an animal in pain, and took a moment to realize that it was me.  I held her close against my chest and through the thin fabric of our T-shirts, her nipples felt like rough pebbles.

Her arms slipped round behind me and started pulling up my shirt and I followed her lead, drawing her tank up to reveal the soft curve of her belly.  It made me catch my breath and I felt suddenly dizzy.

“Eve,” I managed to grunt, not knowing where to put my hands—onto the soft flesh now revealed or to carry on pulling the garment off her.

“Shhhh,” she whispered in my ear.  “Come.”

She stood up and tossed her top to one side.  Then, as I gawped, open-mouthed, at her small, perfect breasts, she grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs to her bedroom.  This room was junk food free but there were clothes all over the floor and the bed sheets were tangled and grimy.  Did I give a shit?  It was literally months, probably more than a year, since I’d been in a bed and here I was, diving into the softness with the most divine, half-naked angel.

I lay down on my back and Eve lay on top of me and started kissing me again, running her hands through the tangled mat of my hair, making little sighing noises that completely melted me inside.  I took my time to explore her mouth with my tongue—I was in no hurry for this to be over—it was the moment I’d been dreaming of for so long.  Her teeth were smooth as porcelain, hard and sharp in contrast to the soft swirl of her tongue against mine.  Her saliva tasted sweet to me and the warmth of her breath on my face was like an additional caress.

When she let her mouth drop from mine and down onto my chest, I buried my face in her hair.  Even unwashed and unkempt as she was, she smelled unbelievably good—human sweat is a million times less acrid than zombie sweat, which was all I’d caught a whiff of in months.  She sucked tantalizingly on my nipples, sparking new sensations that rippled through me like electric current, and she twisted them until I grunted with the pleasure of the pain.

Her hips were grinding against mine, building friction at the front of my pants and my cock felt like the incredible hulk, about to burst its way out through the threadbare fabric.  Luckily, she thrust a hand down between us and released it, eliciting a deep growl from me as her fingers grazed against it.

“Better,” she whispered, turning her attention to below my waist.

She drew off my shorts and then stood back to strip off her own.  My cock reared and bucked as I saw her emerge fully naked and my hand went instantaneously to my rod to start jerking off.  Smiling, she pulled my hand away and replaced it with her own, with a caress so soft I could hardly feel it even though it sent an intense shiver up my spine.

And as I lay there panting, hauling in great gulps of air as my hips jerked out of control, she slowly straddled me and then leant back so that I could see what lay between her legs.  Glistening folds, deep pink, and nestled in the centre, a dark bud pushing its way out between the lips of her pussy.  She traced a path down the cleft with one finger, opening herself up to my gaze, and then she slid gently forward to position herself just above my cock.

She gave me a questioning look, as if to seek my permission to go ahead with what she was about to do, and I gurgled my assent.  Her hand, which had never left my shaft, guided me into position and angled me for entry.  Then she allowed herself to plunge down, impaling herself on me with a sharp, sweet cry that will ring in my ears till the day I die.  I reached up to touch her breasts and she dropped forward so that one of them brushed against my lips.  My tongue swirled the areola and I sucked on the protruding nub till she gasped and replaced it with the other one.

She ground her hips forward and back as she worked up and down, changing the angle, building the friction and slowly working me up towards the point of no return.  It was a long climb and with each thrust she allowed herself to drop lower, for me to push up further inside her.  Her pussy was indescribably soft, slippery with her juices, but tight nevertheless, as if a hand was gripping me and pulling, tugging, milking my cock till we reached the summit and I was ready to plunge down the other side.

And how I came.  With a roar, I felt my balls pull tight and then my hot cum surged out of me and pumped into her.  She came with a cry, clamping her teeth down on her lower lip as her back arched and her muscles gripped me tighter than ever, drawing out my pleasure to match her own.

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Superotica Advent Calendar – Day 14

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Well, you didn’t really expect me to do 24 days of advent calendar without mentioning the zombies, did you? If you haven’t come across them before – give them a chance – they’re a loveable bunch of critters, really!

However, this is a more serious excerpt than usual, taken from the last story in Zombie Erotoclypse, called Bar the Door.

No matter how many times you dream of the worst possible disaster befalling you, when it actually happens it’s ten thousand times more terrible than anything you could imagine.  Think about that for a moment and then try to imagine the split second that’s so terrifying it goes beyond anything you could have dreamt.

That’s what it was like.  That day.  That moment.

Galen knocked on the door in the secret pattern, I drew back the bolts and first thing I saw was blood.  On his shoulder, all the way down his arm, soaking the sleeve of his shirt with a dark, sticky stain.  I smelt it too, sweet and metallic, somehow animal.

Terror swept through me and I dropped to my knees.  It was the moment I’d been dreading so long and it hit me like a punch in the gut.  I couldn’t breathe and my head started spinning.

I should have slammed the door in his face.  I know that now.  But I knew it then and I didn’t do it.  We’d been living like this for so many months I’d lost count.  And every day, before either one of us went out to scavenge food, we repeated the mantra: if a zombie attacks, don’t come back/bar the door to the biters and the bitten.  Galen was wrong to come home to me once he’d been mauled and I was wrong to let him in.  But I’m glad I did.  Whatever the future holds as a result of our actions that day, I’m glad Galen just didn’t vanish without a trace into the zombie hoards.  Because that’s what would have happened if he hadn’t come back to me.

Galen pushed past me into the apartment.

“Get the fucking door shut,” he said, his voice a dry rasp.

He staggered to the couch while I fought with reality.  It took the sound of a zombie blood howl on the porch to bring me round.  I leapt to my feet and slammed the door, throwing the bolts with practiced speed.   Then I peered out through the metal grid covering the only small window left at the front of the house.  There were three of them, mature and fetid zombies, lumbering across our porch and I immediately heard one of them scraping against the door.  I reached for the rifle.

“Leave them,” said Galen.  “They’ll go away when they realize they can’t get in.  Don’t waste bullets on them. You can’t afford to throw any away now.”

‘Now.’  I knew what he was referring to—and ‘you’. An icy cold hand clasped around my heart.  I went over to where he lay sprawled on the couch.  There was a lump in my throat when I tried to speak.


“…happened?  I got careless, Emma.  I fucking got complacent.”

And then my big, strong, adorable Galen started to cry.  It was something I’d never seen him do and it cut me up.  Even more than seeing the blood on his shoulder that was his death knell.

He wiped his eyes with a bloody hand and sniffed.

“There were six or seven of them.  They came at me out of nowhere.  I got three of the bastards but I wasn’t quick enough and…”  He glanced down at his shoulder.  “It’s not deep.  Just a flesh wound.  But it’s enough.”

I’d never heard that tone of bitterness in Galen’s voice before.  It made me wonder what else there was about him that I’d never know.  The childhood stories he hadn’t got round to telling me yet.  The places he’d been.  The likes and dislikes we hadn’t had time to compare.


I didn’t know what to say but luckily for me he took control as usual.

“Emma, you’ve got to be strong for me, baby.  I’ve got maybe twenty-four hours left before I turn and I need your help.”

“Anything,” I said, and I meant it.

“I need you to stay safe, so you’ve got to tie me up.  Real secure because when I start to turn, I don’t want to be able to get at you.”

I didn’t want to cry but I couldn’t stop myself.

“Maybe if I clean the wound out…”

“Don’t, baby,” he snapped.  “We both know what this means so, please, just do what I say.”

While he went in the shower, I found two lengths of rope to tie him with.  When he came out there was just a small, jagged gash on his shoulder to show where he’d been bitten.  Just a couple of inches long. If I hadn’t known better, I would never have believed that this could have been enough to transform such a strong, healthy man into a rotting, walking corpse.  The rest of him looked completely normal, the Galen I knew and loved.  Shoulder length black hair dripping water down his strong torso, droplets glistening in the peppery sprinkling of chest hair.  Beautifully sculpted arms and legs, long and lean.  Even his feet looked good and, as far as I’m concerned, that’s rare on a guy.

He smiled at me and I smiled back, even though I could see the sorrow in his gaze.  He would certainly be able to see it in my red rimmed eyes.

“Tie me to the bed, baby.”  It came out as hardly more than a whisper.

“Then what?” I said.

He didn’t need to answer.  Working as quickly and as gently as I could, I secured first his wrists to the headboard and then his ankles to the corner posts.  He was quietly compliant, watching me as I worked, studying my face and my hands as if he wanted to imprint them forever on his memory.   And I studied him, spread-eagled and naked in front of me.  I would need to hold this image in my head far longer than he.

His shoulder was bleeding a little, so I fetched a bandaid from the bathroom cabinet to cover it up.  He winced as I wiped the blood away with a tissue and applied the bandage.

“It hurts?” I asked.

“Like a bitch,” he said, smiling up at me.  “But you know what would dull the pain?”

I grinned.  Even at the worst times, Galen’s mind would wander back to sex and being tied up had always been a big turn on for him.

“Grant a dying man his final wish, babe.”

I would have laughed if it hadn’t been so painfully true.  But Galen was, as ever, able to compartmentalize his life and now it was sex, not death by zombie bite, on his mind.  His cock twitched as if filled up and the sight of it helped me to change gears as well.  Galen’s cock always made my mouth water and my pussy wet.

I stood at the end of the bed and slowly started stripping off my clothes, rolling my T-shirt up my torso to reveal my flat stomach and the gradual swell of my breasts.

“That’s the way,” said Galen, his voice thick with longing.

I pulled the top up over my head and dropped it to the floor.  Then I lowered my hands to my pants and popped open the fastening.  As they slid down my legs to the ground, I slipped my thumbs into the rim of my panties, running them round the waistband provocatively.

“You want to see more?” I said.

“Is a zombie hungry?” he answered.  Black humor was the only humor at a time like this.

I pulled down my pants and launched myself forward onto the bed between his legs.  He smelt fresh and clean from the shower and he seemed to positively gleam with good health.  I could hardly believe that he must have already started rotting inside, however microscopically.  I slid up his body, sweeping his stomach and chest with my breasts until I was close enough to kiss him on the mouth.

Same old mouth.  Same old taste.  And always the best kisser.  I pushed away the thought that bubbled under the surface.  Zombie mouth.  Zombie biter.  But not yet.  We still had a few more hours of being Emma and Galen.  He responded to my kiss with a less familiar urgency.  His usual languid exploration of my mouth was replaced with a pushing, searching tongue and as I slipped my tongue between his lips, he sucked hard and his back arched up so he could press himself against the length of my body.

I ran my hands up and down his torso, feeling the swell of his erection against me.  God, how I loved this man’s cock.  I reached my hand down to it and he let out an appreciative moan as I enveloped it with my fingers.  It was fully erect, hard as a glass dildo beneath its covering of soft skin.  I ran my index finger up and down the shaft and he bucked underneath me.  Then I stretched down to cup his balls, holding them as gently as bird’s eggs, working them a little against each other while I whispered in his ear.  He turned his head and caught my earlobe with his teeth, nibbling gently until I giggled and pulled away.

I shuffled back down the bed until I was in a position to take his cock in my mouth.  But before I sucked it in, I showered it with a flurry of little kisses, up and down, still holding his balls but now tugging a little.  Galen groaned and his cock grew hot, the head pulsing under the touch of my lips.  I pushed the tip of my tongue out between them and let it make contact with the soft skin at the apex of the head.  I felt the tiny slit and tasted the salty pre-cum that leaked out of it and then I opened my lips and drew him into the warm cavern of my mouth.

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Sophie Bulldog’s Bitchin’ Review of Zombie Erotoclypse by Tamsin Flowers

I know I should have included some dog characters…

Go Deeper Press

Trot on over to BookBoner for Sophie Bulldog’s first bitchin’ erotic review. I quote:

“Anyhump, I’ve been enjoying Zombie Erotoclypse by Tamsin Flowers. It’s erotica. Not dog erotica, but  it does contain zombies in chains–pretty great to see humans being tied up for a change instead of humble bulldogs. (If only I had opposable thumbs.) But overall…” [Read more here.]

And since we’re on the talented Tamsin, her gorgeous Lucky Mascot appears in Huddle: Sex with Sporty Queers (vol. 1, Boys’ Varsity) which is also available for NOOK or at a special price at Go Deeper Press.

What’s more, have you heard of the amazing Erotica for All? You can find free reads there (here’s an erotic excerpt from Con), info about authors, great posts around erotica, and much much more. Go take a look!


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Zombies are People Too by Tamsin Flowers

I’m over at Literary Lagniappe today, starting a campaign for zombies’ rights! Check it out…

Literary Lagniappe

Hi and Happy Halloween!

I’m so glad to have caught you on this one day of the year when your thoughts will be turning to… the undead! Ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves and, my personal favorites, zombies—it’s their special day, so I hope you’re all set to help them celebrate with some fabulous Halloween parties and trick-or-treating.

But actually, what I want to talk about today is a little more serious. In the press, on TV and in thousands of books, I’ve noticed the emergence of a serious problem – a vicious case of discrimination and I want to speak out against it. Zombie discrimination! Everywhere I look these friendly little critters are getting bad press. They’re portrayed as mindless zombies, hell bent on sucking the brains out of ‘normal’ people—and, after all, who’s to say what’s normal? TV shows cast them as the enemy and let the good guys chop…

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