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Superotica Valentine – Day 10



Today the Superotica Valentine countdown is playing host to Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Best Bondage Erotica 2014 blog tour – and I’ve chosen an excerpt of Annabeth Leong’s wonderful story, Eel.

Before she could get away, I dove for her, trapping her with my weight again. Alicia yelped in surprise. The sweaty, sweet smell of her slippery skin threatened to distract me. I wanted to lick her. Everywhere.

I still hadn’t earned it.

This time, I started with the fifty, winding it around her torso as rapidly as I could. “Kristi, what the hell? I already proved your knots can’t hold me.”

I grinned down at her. “Honey, did you think I was only good for one shot? Those boys you’re choosing must not have much stamina. I’m here all night.” This, in fact, was my plan. If the sweat on her skin was any indication, she’d had to struggle to release herself, no matter how simple the challenge. Alicia might be more experienced at this game than I am, more flexible than I am and better at martial arts, but I had the rope on my side. I’d get rests, no matter how short. She wouldn’t. At some point, I calculated, she’d be tired enough that I could lay down a good set of ties without having to fight her too hard. And I had some nasty tricks up my sleeve for when that moment came.

Her eyes widened with understanding. I’d shown my cards, but at this point I didn’t think it would hurt my chances. “That’s not fair!”

“Is that against the rules, sweetheart? I didn’t know.” I waited a beat, then continued. “You can safeword out if you don’t like it. Otherwise, I’ll tie you up over and over again until I teach you some respect.” I punctuated the statement with an emphatic tug of the rope that made her sigh. Her body relaxed in my arms for just a second, and I caught a glimpse of the state Alicia craved but could not allow herself. The power of the vision made my hands tremble with desire.

I wound the rope around her chest a few more times, well aware that the more loops I added, the tighter my harness would feel. I couldn’t help brushing her nipples in the process. I wanted to squeeze and suckle them. To concentrate on the task at hand, I promised myself that I could spend as long as I wanted on them once I took Alicia to the point of delicious surrender—a place I wasn’t sure she’d actually been before. The idea of being the first top to take her there appealed to me with a fierce, primal tug. I guess everyone likes to pop a cherry.

This time, I tied her in the “damsel in distress” style, wrapping her in coils of rope from her upper arms down to her ankles. I hoped she’d have a slow, exhausting time ahead of her.

When I finished, I positioned her carefully on the floor. A lot of girls bliss out when they’re lying inside a tight, restrictive tie.Not Alicia. The moment I released her, she started moving and twisting inside the coil, a small, determined smile playing over her lips.

This time I made no secret of watching her. The more I handled her, the hotter I got. I wanted to see her cute little body writhing on the floor at my feet. Besides, I needed to be responsible anyway and supervise her—might as well do that in a way I’d enjoy.

The rope undulated in response to Alicia’s body. She stuck her tongue out of the corner of her mouth in concentration, seemingly oblivious to everything except the challenge at hand. I didn’t take this personally. It was my rope that held her, after all. My ties. By focusing on that, she effectively focused on me.

I’d tied her as tightly as I could, and for several minutes she struggled without finding an opening. I couldn’t help wondering what was going on inside the rope. Was her pussy juicing up in there? Was she getting off on the burn of the rope across her mostly naked body?

Alicia panted and threw her head back, her eyelids most of the way down. She certainly seemed to be having a sensual experience inside that coil. Again, I had to resist touching her. Even if I were willing to bend the rules of the game to my advantage, I wouldn’t violate the sacred code underlying our contest. She’d made it clear she wouldn’t grant respect until I proved I could hold her. And I wasn’t about to ask for any favors until I had her respect.

The point of her knee emerged from between two loops of rope. She gave her right leg a funny wiggle, then drew her foot up inside the coil of rope. The toes of her right foot emerged a moment later, working at the tie around her left foot, loosening it steadily. They moved with the sort of subtlety and dexterity that most people have trouble achieving with their fingers. In another part of the coil, I caught a flash of Alicia’s elbows, then the heels of her palms.

Like a butterfly, she wriggled and climbed her way out of my rope, slowly emerging in all her flushed, slick, beautiful glory. I couldn’t have taken my eyes off her if I’d wanted to.



Cleis Press

Superotica Advent Calendar – Day 19

advent banner 3


This is an excerpt from Risk Rider and Dare Take the Con, a story by Annabeth Leong about two cosplayers (people who go to conventions dressed as comic book characters) whose genderqueer outfits inspire bullying from the crowd but the deepest pleasure in each other. It appeared in Coming Together: For Equality, an anti-bullying anthology edited by Beth Wylde which is raising money for Planting Peace – Equality House. 

Dare stopped the door before it closed. “Would you feel more comfortable if we propped it open? I know we just met. You don’t even know my real name.”

 Her cheeks heated. Lust and Risk Rider’s reflected boldness had led her to take some uncharacteristically reckless actions. She didn’t want to stop, though. Gently, she pulled Dare’s hand away from the door, allowing it to close. “What’s your real name?”

 “Louis Rios.”

 Jamie-Lyn introduced herself, then cut to the chase. “Why did you ask to come to my room?”

“You know why. We both felt it.”

 “We did,” she agreed. Gazing for a moment into his quick, mischievous eyes, Jamie-Lyn decided to take the plunge all the way. Today, with him, she didn’t want to pretend to be anything she wasn’t. Some of her friends back home might have thought it was ironic for her to feel this way while dressed as a comic book character, but the point had always been that when she dressed as Risk Rider, Jamie-Lyn was expressing her best and truest self. Her bravest self.

 She took Dare’s hand—Louis’s hand—and guided it to her crotch, wrapping it around her soft pack. “I’m not exactly traditional,” Jamie-Lyn said. “Do you mind?”

 “I like it.”

 The smile that spread over her face made Jamie-Lyn feel fierce, victorious, and hungry for more. She wrapped an arm around Louis in a grip meant to claim him and kissed him just the same way. She kissed him as a man would kiss, guiding the pace, teasing his mouth open with her tongue, her lips outside his lips, her jaw pressing his open wider, her hands making him submit to her.

 Dare gave a soft moan, its masculine yet submissive timbre sending a thrill through Jamie-Lyn to every place it counted. She kissed him harder, and walked them both toward her bed. Inside Risk Rider’s leathers, her body grew hard and needy and demanding. Jamie-Lyn manhandled Dare onto the bed, spread him out beneath her, and explored him with firm, groping hands.

 Finally, she came up for air. His eyes were wide, the pupils dilated. Louis’s lips remained parted, and his cheeks had flushed a lovely dark pink against his olive skin. Jamie-Lyn cupped the side of his face, rubbing her palm against the stubble that ran along his jaw. She ground her hips against him, rubbing her package against his upper thigh. “If I asked you to suck it, would you do that for me?” Her voice came out so gruff and raw that she barely recognized it.

So many times, it had taken her months of hinting and subtlety to get to this point with a man, and now she’d come out and asked for it within minutes of meeting Louis. Jamie-Lyn nearly took her own breath away with her audacity. Louis, too, seemed to be in awe. He nodded, mouth open in a soundless moan.

 Jamie-Lyn scrambled up to her knees beside him and fumbled with the fly of her leather pants, pulling out the head of her silicone dick so she could feed it to him. Louis kissed it, his lips plush and full. A trace of the powder she’d used on the soft pack stuck to him as he pulled away. She caught the back of his head and guided him back to her. He had to hold a sit-up position to suck her, but she liked seeing him make the effort.

 Louis whimpered and grabbed Jamie-Lyn’s ass. For all the submission of his attitude, he held her butt cheek with firm authority, cupping the curve of it in a way that made her deeply aware of her femininity even as she slipped her dick between his lips.

 He’d done this, or something like it, before. Louis knew just how to suck Jamie-Lyn’s dick so that he made the base of it press into her clit. He also made a good show out of it, pulling almost all the way off every time so she could experience the repeated pleasure of watching her silicone extension disappear down his throat. She sank her hands into his thick black hair and sped up the rhythm, her hips rocking as he brought her closer to orgasm.

 “Touch yourself,” Jamie-Lyn whispered through gritted teeth. “I want to see your cock.”

 Leather creaked as he groped himself. The teeth of his zipper released one by one. Jamie-Lyn twisted her head to look over her shoulder at Louis’s exposed dick. Flushed bright pink, weeping pre-cum, it seemed paradoxically delicate in the grasp of his slim fingers. She thought of her clit, hidden behind the soft pack. In her mind, dick and clit reversed, folded into each other, became a single pleasure center that they both shared.

 “Make yourself come,” she commanded.

 For Equality (200x300)Coming Together: For Equality is available here:

 All Romance: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-comingtogetherforequality-1364546-362.html

 Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Coming-Together-Equality-Robert-Buckley-ebook/dp/B00H0JYYGK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1386845604&sr=8-1&keywords=coming+together%3A+for+equality

 Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00H0JYYGK/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00H0JYYGK&linkCode=as2&tag=ctogether-20

 Coming Together – http://www.eroticanthology.com/forequality.htm

 Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/383231?ref=comingtogether

You Like It Fast? Try Dirty Little Numbers


The book with what simply has to be the best cover in erotica this year is finally available to buy – and I couldn’t be more excited by what I’ve discovered between the covers. These naughty, dirty, flirty little numbers – every single story is a 500-word or less piece of flash fiction – totally live up to that gorgeous graphic on the front!

Dirty Little NumbersIt opens with a fabulous piece by Kristina Lloyd and then winds its way through the dirty minds of Jacob Louder, Mia Hopkins, T.J.Kaliber, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Daniel Burnell, Benji Bright, Erzabet Bishop, Raziel Moore, Jeremy Edwards, Abyssinia Grey, Angela Tavares, Daniel Burnell (again!), Jeremy Edwards (again!), Lana Fox, Annabeth Leong, Madeleine Hennefield, Niki Haze, Giselle Renarde, Stephen Dorneman, Waffles Irongirl (I so want her name), Heather Day, Shane St John, Arianna Douglas, Axa Lee, Adrea Kore and Regina Kammer to finally finish with my own little story, Dream Lover, bringing up the rear!

That’s quite a list of names I have ahead of me!

And here’s a little taster, Jacob Louder’s incredibly delicious piece, Third-Party Extension.

Third-Party Extension
Jacob Louder

Two cocks in our bedroom and my wife is ecstatic. Let me define: Erin is on her back on the bed, her asshole wide from my dick, her pussy wet as hell from his. Panting still, she smiles and stretches out her legs the way I like.

“Go on, Scotty,” Erin says. “He’s your present.”

He is Jordan. I don’t remember his screen name completely, but it contained the word “extension.” Four inches taller than me and ten times prettier. He has muscles I never had, and his cock—my God. Jordan filled my wife’s cunt, spread it wider than ever. She gasped and moaned in a way I’ve never heard. I thought he was hurting her, until I felt her body relax, saw the motion in her hips. When I fucked her ass, for a while there, he was all I could feel.

Jordan waits, looking me over with his coy smile, his strong chin. He cups his balls with one hand, then licks the palm of the other, bringing it down to his cock to start a gentle tug.

It’s been years since I had a cock in my mouth, and tonight, that’s all I want. I want to feel Jordan deep in my throat, to taste what’s left of Erin.

For-hire or not, it’s polite to ask. “Can I suck it?” My own cock stirs then. Jordan notices.

“Yeah, man,” he says. “Come do whatever you want to me.”

Erin moves on the bed, lets out a tiny moan.

This takes no time: Me on my knees and his hands in my hair and the taste, the smell, of my wife from the tip of his cock down its length to his balls.

I can hear Erin over Jordan’s gasps, his little puffs of air: “My God, look at you suck it. You are beautiful.”

My hands are wet and filled with him. I kiss and lick, rub my lips again and again in the spots that make him moan, that make him hold my hair tight behind my ears.

That’s when I feel her: Erin’s soft hands on my dick, my dick in Erin’s mouth. It takes a little while for me to notice, but she’s mirroring me. What I do to Jordan’s cock, she does to mine. Every inch I take, every gentle squeeze of his balls, I get the same.

The gentle growl in Jordan’s throat grows to a yell, and then there he is, pulling away from my mouth and working his cock at a rapid pace. His big load shoots all over my chest, his cream dripping down to my stomach.

“Fuck!” Jordan says. “That was awesome!” In this moment, he suddenly has the face of a man half his age.

Erin lets go of my cock and gets to her knees. She wipes her fingers across my chest. Once they are covered in Jordan’s come, she brings them to my mouth, and I lick them clean, like icing from my birthday cake.

Go get your copy now from Go Deeper Press!

Run for Your Love


I’m delighted to welcome Annabeth Leong to Superotica to tell us all about her new zombie title, Run For Your Love. (See, I’m not the only one to have a bit of thing about zombies at the moment…) And speaking of which, just two more days till our fave zombie-bashers are back on TV – be still my beating heart!

Anyway, over to Annabeth:

The scariest part of the zombie apocalypse probably wouldn’t be the zombies. That’s not to dismiss the horror they represent, but they’re frequently presented as primitive and predictable, all-consuming need in a human body.

 Most of the time, however, when things happen in the world, I’m amazed by how incredibly brave, resourceful, and giving some people can be—and by how cruel, calculating, and uncaring others are.

 The zombies in my book, Run for Your Love, aren’t the real threat. They’re a question mark that brings out human nature.

 For Zach, my hero, it brings out his pacifist principles—early in the book, he risks his life to save a zombie. For Viola, the heroine, the breakdown of the world around her allows her to finally admit what she wants out of life. Some people create terrifying compounds based on misguided machismo while others set up organizations designed to treat both people and undead with as much human dignity as possible.

 Now I’m four paragraphs into writing about an erotic romance, and I haven’t said anything about sex. That’s because we’ve now gotten to the reason I write about sex. For me, erotica is the best way into exploring human nature. The sort of sex people have with each other tells me so much about what’s going on between them.

 In Run For Your Love, I found myself writing the sex hot and sweet. My focus turned out to be on female pleasure. Viola has spent most of her life dating men who don’t respect her as much beyond an object. When she and Zach get together, they discover her sensuality. This is a stark contrast from what she’s experienced with the ex-boyfriend who still hasn’t stopped pursuing her.

 I didn’t plan this as a foil, but I think it became one. A lot of Run for Your Love is about true masculinity versus machismo, and when Viola and Zach are in bed together, they find out about the strength of real femininity as opposed to the weakness of the manufactured caricature that Viola has been living for most of her life.

 The zombies in Run for Your Love force people to get down to the elemental, to what really matters, and for me that includes discovering the power of sexual connection. The scariest thing of all in this zombie apocalypse is losing these elemental truths once they’ve been discovered.


 Zach gently pushed me back up into a sitting position. “I want you to…” He trailed off the sentence, settling his hands on my hips instead. I took the hint and began riding him. He led me to lift almost all the way off his cock, then to take him in again in one long stroke. My orgasm had sensitized my insides, so I felt every inch of him entering me and pulling out again. I wished I could slow down and savor the sensation, but I knew the rhythm he was asking for. Taking a deep breath, I put myself to work, making my breasts bounce with the force of my movements, and trying with difficulty to ignore the aching of my bullet wound.

 It took a minute to notice Zach trying to get my attention. “Viola,” he said finally, and it didn’t sound like a moan of ecstasy. He tightened his hands on my hips until I couldn’t move freely. I paused, panting from the exertion, and raised a questioning eyebrow.

 “You don’t have to…” He blew out a breath. “It’s not a race.”

 “I can’t keep this up for too long,” I explained. “If I have to make you come from being on top, then I have to do it before I run out of—”

 “Viola.” He pulled me into another kiss, this one long, tender, and extravagant. When he finally released my mouth, he whispered, “You don’t have to ‘make me come.'”

 “What are you talking about? I asked what you want me to do.”

 “Did I ‘make you come’ just now? Be honest.”

 “Well, you were certainly part of it.”

 “Right.” He punctuated the statement with a kiss to the tip of my nose. “Be part of it. Don’t be responsible for it.”

 I sort of understood what he meant, but not really. I cocked my head at him. “I’m sorry.”

 “No need to be sorry. Here.” He returned me to where I’d been before. “How do you want to move?”

 I shook my head in confusion. “The way I did when I came.”

 “Do you totally hate the way I wanted you to move? Or is there a way you could do it that would feel good to you?”

 I bit my lip and tried the thing that had come to mind when he’d first started moving me. A slow slide up and off his cock then an achingly slower drop until he settled into me deeper than I’d thought possible.

 “Jesus,” Zach said.

 I blinked, his voice jerking me out of the intense inner pleasure I’d gotten from the motion. “Was that okay?”

 “That feels incredible. So much better than when you tried to pound us both to death. Please do that.”

 I struggled to believe that what felt good to me could also feel good to him. Nothing in my previous experience had suggested men and women had anything in common as far as what they wanted in bed. Still, I’d trusted him so far. It seemed foolish to stop now. I tried the move again…then again.

 Almost unconsciously, my hand returned to my clit.

I snatched it away. “Sorry.”

 “You’re allowed to enjoy yourself too,” Zach said, pulling my hand back to that wet, wanting place. A little uncertainly, I touched myself.



 Shotguns seem to be everyone’s favorite accessory for the zombie apocalypse, but Zach Paul believes he can survive without hurting anyone—not even the zombies. An elite-level runner, he plans to speed away from every danger. Then Zach meets a woman he can’t bring himself to leave behind, and staying beside her tests all his principles.

 Viola Ortiz fought free of her controlling boyfriend just before the zombies came, but now she believes her macho ex is the only one who can protect her. She sets out to reunite with him, only to encounter Zach instead. The tall, lean runner is everything her ex is not, and Viola is shocked to find he turns her on as no man has before. Viola’s ex, however, isn’t willing to let go of her, and soon it’s clear that other survivors are as dangerous as the zombies.

 Zach and Viola can run, but they must find safety before they lose their humanity in the struggle to protect their lives and growing love.


Buy Links:

 All Romance: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-runforyourlove-1315996-340.html

 Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Run-For-Your-Love-ebook/dp/B00FS6MX6K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1381488572&sr=8-1&keywords=run+for+your+love+annabeth+leong

 Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Run-For-Your-Love-ebook/dp/B00FS6MX6K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1381488461&sr=8-1&keywords=annabeth+leong+run+for+your+love

 Breathless Press: http://www.breathlesspress.com/index.php?main_page=product_free_shipping_info&cPath=13&products_id=493&zenid=6f219fb8a467b51c18d4d8e998caa03a



 Annabeth Leong has written romance and erotica of many flavors — dark, kinky, vanilla, straight, lesbian, bi, and menage. Her titles for Breathless Press include the contemporary werewolf erotic romances Not His Territory and Not the Leader of the Pack, and Run for Your Love, a romance set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island, blogs at annabethleong.blogspot.com, and tweets @AnnabethLeong


Buy One, Get One Free Offer:

 Did you miss Annabeth’s previous titles with Breathless Press? Not to worry. E-mail proof of purchase of Run for Your Love, such as an Amazon receipt, to annabeth dot leong at gmail dot com and let her know your e-book format of choice. Annabeth will buy a copy of her werewolf novella, Not His Territory, for anyone who sends this information before November 12, 2013.

Love on the Rocks – Sex and Shipwrecks!



Do you ever have those fantasies in which you’re shipwrecked on a desert island… just you and a handsome hunk or a gorgeous girl with only one thing on their mind?

(Sound of waves crashing)

… sorry, I drifted off there for a moment.  But it was exactly this type of daydream that gave me the inspiration for my story, Shipwrecked, that’s just been released as part of the Smut By The Sea Volume 2 anthology.  After a row with her boyfriend, inexperienced sailor jumps in his boat and heads out to sea.  Unluckily for her, a storm is brewing but her luck changes when she washes up on the tiny island where Josh leads an isolated life as  a lighthouse keeper.  And he’s been all on his own for months – I’m sure you can guess the rest!

My story apart, it’s a fantastic anthology, with seaside themed pieces by Victoria Blisse, Lucy Felthouse, Tilly Hunter, Rachel Randall, Giselle Renarde, Kate Britton, Jillian Boyd, Belle Anderson, Cass Peterson, Delyth Angharad, TC Mill, Erzabet Bishop, Tenille Brown and Annabeth Leong.  Some of erotica’s heavy hitters, you’ve got to admit.

So to whet your appetite, here’s an excerpt.





‘I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere soon.’

Now he was sounding mildly threatening and my heart jumped to my mouth.  I got up, this time without feeling dizzy.  Although he was standing two steps below me, my face was now level with his own.

‘What do you mean?  I’ll leave here when I choose to,’ I said, sounding braver than I felt.

With a look of grim resignation, he stood to one side.

‘Be my guest,’ he said.

I couldn’t get down the stairs fast enough and without worrying about a jacket or thinking about where I was going, I yanked open the front door and stepped out into a sheet of icy cold, horizontal rain.


I was drenched within seconds and only made it about eight feet down the path when something looming in my peripheral vision made me stop and look round.  It was a lighthouse, tall, slender and painted white, and at the top a bright ring of prisms shot out a beam that cut across the sky high above the house.  And the rock upon which it was built.

So I really looked round, all the way.  I was standing on the crown of a rock.  Behind me was a small white cottage with a red tiled roof and attached to it on one side, the lighthouse.  And all around, as far as the horizon, was sea.  Nothing but sea.  No other land in sight, the mainland shore nowhere to be seen.

I looked around at the tiny island.  Far below me on a rocky outcrop, I spotted the remains of a sailing dinghy… the Minerva.  I walked a few feet to see the other side of the rock; there was a small concrete jetty but no boat moored to it.

Josh was right.  I wasn’t going anywhere soon.  I panicked and suddenly felt as if I couldn’t breath.

I staggered back to the cottage and had to hammer on the door that had slammed behind me. Josh opened it, pulled me into his arms and kicked it shut behind us.  As I burst into tears, he pushed the wet hair back from my forehead with one hand and firmly stroked my back with the other.

‘It’s okay,’ he whispered in my ear.  ‘You’re perfectly safe here and there’s plenty of food until the supply boat returns.’

I gulped back my tears.

‘When will that be?’

‘A week, two weeks, depending on the weather.’

‘What?  Everyone will think I’m dead.’

I pulled myself out of his embrace and he turned to lead the way into a small sitting room.

‘Come here by the fire,’ he instructed.  ‘No one will think you’re dead.  I’ve already radioed the coast guard to let them know you’re here.  But you’d better get out of those wet clothes again, before you catch your death of cold.’

I looked at him, the firelight playing across his face, and I wondered about his existence out here, all on his own for months on end.

‘I’ll get those pyjamas,’ he said, making a move.

‘No wait,’ I blurted out.  ‘How long have you been out here?’

‘I’ve been the keeper here for nearly two years.’

‘On your own all that time?’

He shrugged.

‘I like my own company.  Something of a loner, really.’

But no sex for all that time?  I couldn’t voice what I was thinking but my face went scarlet and the way he was looking at me now made it obvious he had guessed.

After sweeping up and down my body, his eyes met mine.  I suddenly became conscious of the fact that I was wearing just a t-shirt, soaked through, and the cold had had quite an effect on my nipples.  I looked down for confirmation of this and then looked back up at him in time to see his tongue dart out from between his lips.

‘You’re shivering,’ he said.

I started to pull at my clothes but my hands were shaking too much.

‘H-h-h-help-p-p m-m-meee,’ I said, through chattering teeth.

Standing in front of the roaring fire in the sitting room of his tiny lighthouse keeper’s cottage, Josh silently undressed me with tender hands.  Slowly he slipped the t-shirt up the side of my ribs and then quietly, gently manoeuvred my arms out of the sleeves like you would if you were undressing a child.  Finally, he smoothly rolled the wet garment up over my head, leaving me standing topless in front of him, shivering, wet and dripping on the floor. 

My nipples stood out hard and proud, not just because of the cold, and as I caught him staring at them, a warmth started to blossom deeper inside me.

Without speaking he stepped forward and put his hands on the waistband of my jeans.  He gave me a questioning look and I nodded.  One by one he released the buttons of my fly and then slowly he peeled the cold, heavy denim down my legs.

‘Sit,’ he instructed, guiding me back towards a fireside chair.

I sunk into the softness of the blanket-covered armchair and he was able to pull each leg of my jeans down over my feet.  My panties had come with them and suddenly I found myself sitting naked in the firelight in front of a fully-clad stranger who I’d only clapped eyes on a few short hours before.

Josh’s breath caught in his throat as he knelt in front of me, gazing up.

‘My God, Shelby.  You’re like a mermaid washed ashore on dry land.’