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Blue Eyes and Pillow Talk!


As usual the weeks have rolled by far faster than I expected and it’s time for another round of Pillow Talk! Here’s a little taster of our recent discussion on the level of physical description we like to see in erotica…you can read the whole transcript over on Pillow Talk!


Pillow Talk Secrets

Jade: Hello, ladies! So nice to be back together again! How are the both of you?

Malin: Hiya! I’m doing good—got my first cup of tea right here, so I’m feeling fine (though I’ll feel better after the third!).

Tamsin: Hello girls—hope you’re both well!

J: Good to see you both. I’m very excited for today’s session! Shall we dive right in?

T: Absolutely!

J: All right—today is all about the dirty deets. As in, how much specific physical detail do we like to read and write in our erotica? It’s a pretty broad topic. Any initial thoughts?

T: Just to explain how this topic came up—I was having a chat with Malin as she’d been beta reading something for me, and I pointed out that I’d never mentioned what colour hair the protagonist had. So I asked her if that mattered.

Eye Color Detail

Her eyes were the most amazing shade of…

M: And my response was that, for me, it definitely didn’t. I actually preferred it. I’m a “less-is-more” kind of girl whether I’m writing or reading. I like selective amounts of specific detail, and then I like to let my brain, (or the reader’s), fill in the rest.

J: I get the sense this is a common feeling for the three of us—and maybe a lot of other erotica authors as well. Sometimes, too much detail can throw things off. For example, if a character is described as having enormous breasts, or a certain color hair, or a freckle on the forearm… that paints a very specific image.

Read the rest of our discussion on Pillow Talk!

Those girls are having another pillow fight…


In what’s becoming an incredibly busy week on Superotica, I’m taking this chance to slip in a small excerpt from the latest installment of Pillow Talk Secrets. If you haven’t come across it before, picture a frothy, lacy boudoir where three charming erotica writers lounge on elegant chaises longues drinking absurdly strong cocktails and gossiping about…well, whatever!

KissyFaceTalkingDirtyJade A Waters, Malin James and I spend most of our time lounging, drinking cocktails and gossiping and, just occasionally, we like to let you listen in over on our sister site, Pillow Talk. So to give you a taste, here’s the start of the latest session – please head on over to Pillow Talk if you’d like to read the rest!


Pillow Talk Secrets


Tamsin: Hello, girls. Nice to see you!

Jade: You as well! How are you?

T: Great!

Malin: Hi ladies! I’m here!

T: Hello, gorgeous!

M: Ah, now this is how I want to start a day – chatting with the two of you. Nothing tops it.

J: So true! Now, who’s leading us today?

M: Our lovely, Tamsin, I believe! And I think she’s got something really interesting in mind.

J: Bring it, T!

T: Okay, I’m going to launch us straight in to today’s topic: Is it all right for the heroine of your book to sleep with more than one partner? This is a question that’s been batting around my brain for quite some time now. As you two know, I’ve just finished the first draft of my sexy spy thriller, Honeytrap, and my heroine certainly gets called upon to cosy up with the villains as well as the good guys. But I remembered reading somewhere that it’s a big no-no to readers if the heroine sleeps with multiple partners. How would you two handle this dilemma?

M: So, I have a couple of thoughts right off the top of my head. The first is that context is probably critical – how and why is she sleeping with multiple partners seems to make quite a difference in how readers respond… What do you think, Jade?

J: I agree. There are so many variations here – is she a free bird, is she cheating, is she in a negotiated polyamorous situation? Maybe we should focus on one at a time.

T: Ooh! Free bird is a new expression for me. I like that!

Why should she choose between them?

Why should she choose between them?

J: I just made that up. 🙂

M: I love it! Interestingly, I think the free bird scenario is the trickiest for writers. There’s still  surprising amount stigma attached to a female character who sleeps with multiple partners for no other reason than she wants to. Her own desire might be perfectly valid justification, but that doesn’t seem to settle well with readers in general. It’s a real shame, actually. There’s a lot in that restriction that doesn’t sit well with me.

J: I think that’s still, sadly, largely due to the real life cultural view on women having multiple partners – and it translates directly into people’s reading.

T: And this is where the question is interesting. Obviously, if someone buys a menage story, they’re expecting multiple partners. But there seems to be a real move in the market towards erotic romance rather than plain erotica at the moment – and with it comes a demand for the heroine to be, how shall I put it, better behaved or in lurve!

You’ll find the rest of our chatter on Pillow Talk.

Pillow Talk Secrets 2 – inside the mind of a hot dom!


Guess what? It’s Pillow Talk day! If you haven’t already come across the Pillow Talk website that I share with the ravishing Jade A Waters and gorgeous Malin James, then skedaddle across there now for a new edition of our ‘Secrets‘ – erotica writers talking dirty. Today we’re reviewing Alison Tyler‘s newest title (blink and she’ll have another one out – talk about prolific!) – Those Boys from Go Deeper Press. Then the discussion moves on to what we look for in a hot fictional dom – and what we don’t…

Here’s a little taster to get you started…

Pillow Talk Secrets 2

Malin: Hello ladies!

Tamsin: Hello Malin, hello Jade!

Jade: And hello to both of you!

M: So, I don’t know about you two, but I’m dying to talk to you both about Those Boys. Should we start there?

T: Absolutely. But before we launch in, we should tell people who might not know this is the second book in Alison Tyler’s series that started with Those Girls – both published by Go Deeper Press.

J: Yes, and that we were fortunate enough to score ourselves an early copy of Those Boys – quite possibly because the Universe is just amazing – and wow are we happy about it!

The gorgeous cover for Those Boys, by Alison Tyler. Courtesy of Go Deeper Press.

The gorgeous cover for Those Boys, by Alison Tyler. Courtesy of Go Deeper Press.

M: It was a really lovely treat. There’s a lot of food for thought in both the first book, and now the second. For those readers who haven’t read the first book yet, let’s do a really quick run-down.

T: No spoilers!

M:  I would never! Okay. Summary not spoilers: it’s told from the POV of a Dom named Sandy. This man is the real deal – a Dom’s Dom. Basically, the novelette is about how he goes about initiating the lovely, slightly stand-offish Vanessa. How’s that?

J: Good – and I want to add this little piece I once read on Alison Tyler’s blog – I can’t remember her exact verbiage, but she said she originally thought Sandy was going to be a she, and then Sandy become this beautifully bisexual Dom. But the key, or the power of Sandy, was that it didn’t matter who he had control over – only that he had that control. The magic is being in his head, because he’s such the Dom’s Dom, as Malin said.

M: And there is magic in his head. You rarely see such a nuanced, authentic portrayal of a dominant in erotica, especially a male dominant, which is a shame.

T: But, I have to admit to a little disappointment with Those Girls, (shock! horror!).

J: What?!

T: Not because it wasn’t brilliant – it was! But it was too damn short! I wanted more. Straight away!

J: Oh well then, in that case…I totally agree.

T: I think Sandy’s character really came into its own, though, in Those Boys. I really got much more of a feel for him – this is a massive development on the first story and with the addition of a new character, Rem, we really get to understand how Sandy’s mind ticks.

I want to read more…


Pillow Talk Secrets – We Have Lift Off!



Goodness – I’ve been waiting for this day as eagerly as Christmas! It’s here at last – the launch of Pillow Talk with our first Pillow Talk Secrets post.

What’s Pillow Talk? Easy! Take three dirty minded girls who write erotica, put them in a room and leave them to brew for a while. The result? We’re going to let you in on our private conversations, our dirty talk. Once every six weeks or so, we’ll be opening the door to our boudoir to let you listen. Today is the first session, so we’ve taken some time to introduce ourselves – we’re Jade A Waters, Malin James and me, Tamsin Flowers. It’s not too dirty yet – we just want to ease you into our secret world. But next time…no holds barred!

You can read the full session here, on Jade’s blog or on Malin’s blog – and, of course, on Pillow Talk, our permanent home. Future editions will only be posted in full on Pillow Talk, so can I suggest you head over there and sign up to follow so you don’t miss any of our dirty little secrets! Now, read on and enjoy! Txxx


Pillow Talk Secrets!

Jade: Good morning, ladies! The day is finally here. Our official Pillow Talk Secrets launch!

Malin: We’ve been so busy at it, it’s kind of hard to believe!

Tamsin: I think it might have crept up on some of us!  So what’s on the agenda, Jade?

J: Well, I figured today we should let our readers know what we’re all about, and then a little about each of us and how we met.

M: Perfect. Who wants to start? Maybe with a bit about what we’re doing?

J: Exactly. What is Pillow Talk? How should we describe ourselves?

T: Starting with the obvious, three writers—of erotica, naturally—similarly dirty minded!

J: Which basically means, dirty dirty dirty talk. Yes?

M: Yes. It’s also probably the biggest reason we became friends in the first place—erotica definitely brought us together.

J: I just smiled when you said that, Malin. It’s true! I still can’t remember who I friended first—it was so fabulous in both directions—but was it you, Tamsin?


Jade A. Waters, Resident Cheerleader

T: I think so—we met on Twitter over a discussion of a pair of boots Alison Tyler was lusting after—and you very quickly became my chief cheerleader.

J: Oh, that’s right! I was squealing and dancing all over the place, as I usually do (also, Alison Tyler has some wickedly good taste in shoes!). But I think we got closer once I realized you wrote a zombie erotica book—because I thought that was wild—and then we started emailing….

M: I had no idea you guys started talking over Alison Tyler’s awesome taste in shoes! That’s fabulous…. And then of course, Tamsin’s zombies are…well, let’s just say I’m not a zombie kind of girl, but it’s the sexiest, most inventive set of zombies I’ve ever seen.

T: Ah, I use those zombies to hook all my friends!

J: I knew you were up to something! 🙂 Meanwhile, as Tamsin and I became cohorts…

M: Jade and I met at a reading for The Big Book of Orgasms! It was the first reading either of us had ever done—at least of erotica.

T: God, you two are so brave! I don’t know if I could stand up in front of a room full of people and read out my very filthy words!

J: I think it worked out because we both have theatre backgrounds. Also, we were in the Good Vibrations Vibrator Museum, so it was inspiring.

M: Ha! Yes, it was. Plus, the audience was friendly, so it was easy to jump in.

T: So tell me, what was the filthiest sentence you had to read out in front of all the strangers?

M: I read “Hard Knocks,” which is all about coming from being spanked, so the whole thing was pretty filthy. That said, “More blows slapping my sensitive, soaking cunt” might win.

T: *Sniggers.*

J: See, this is a hard question (pun intended) only because my filth gauge is a little questionable. In my story, “The Flogger,” a woman discovers her prim and proper boyfriend has found her dusty old flogger in the closet. Still, I think for me it was “cupped her slit with her whole hand.” I get a total visual every time I read it.

T: Like I thought—totally embarrassing! So pleased I don’t live near enough to have been roped in on that! But back to how we all met…

M: Tamsin—I know we met through Jade, but I’m trying to work out how we started emailing like maniacs…

T: I probably found you through stalking Jade’s twitter feed!

J: Ha! I remember telling you, Malin, that she was adorable and delightful, so that might have been part of it. Tamsin’s a hoot. (Hear that everyone? A damn hoot!)

T: Don’t scare the readers, Jade!

M: I adore that you just said “hoot.” And yes! I remember that. I had a question about something, so I emailed Tamsin, and she was lovely enough to help me out. Then we started chatting and off we went.

This is so NOT how it works. Unless we're dreaming...

This is so NOT how it works. Unless we’re dreaming…

J: I swear, it’s like destiny. *Clap of thunder.* *Parting clouds.* *Gentle rain ensues.*

T: Okay, moving swiftly on…

J: Yes, sorry. (Malin and I always get so damn gushy.) Let’s tell our readers a little more about Pillow Talk Secrets. What’s our goal?

M: I’d say to give readers a peek into a real friendship between real writers. Plus, sometimes people have interesting ideas about what erotica writers are like. I mean yes, we talk about sex.. kind of a lot. But we’re very well-rounded people, even discounting the filthy minds 😉

T: There are misconceptions about erotica writers, too—and we want to blast them out of the water. For example we don’t sit around writing in lacy lingerie sets. Well, I don’t. I can’t vouch for you two!


Malin James, tea and glasses in action!

M: I’m more of a tea and glasses kind of girl…and yoga pants. Yoga pants are good.

J: Ditto.

T: You wouldn’t catch me dead in yoga pants!

J: Silly. I’m sure you look smashing in yoga pants.

T: But exercise clothes are for exercise! I like to sit at my desk in a smart pin-stripe suit!

M: Hmm. I need more power lunches. Possibly with martinis….

T: See, there’s the difference between us—I’m uptight London and you’re cool California girls.

M: And yet, we work so well together!

T: Hats off to that!

J: Oh nelly. I think our readers are in for a treat with the three of us—a bunch of goofs, I tell you. So…let’s tell them more about what we’ll cover. For example, we’ll be doing this piece—Pillow Talk Secrets—about once every six weeks, right?

M: Exactly. And each Secrets session will be a little different. Sometimes we’ll talk about kissing (in fiction, of course), or strap-ons (in fiction, of course)…

J: *Snort.* We’ll also be laughing a lot, clearly. 😉 But strap-ons are such a great topic.

T: Actually, I just wrote a story about a strap on…

J: Yeah you did. It was smokin’.

M: That’s why strap-ons were on my mind. Ahem…

The power-lunching and classy Tamsin Flowers

The power-lunching and classy Tamsin Flowers

J: We’ll also be talking about other erotica topics: limb arrangement, orgasms, couplings…

M: Pronouns! That’s a thing with threesomes…

J: We’ll have excerpts sometimes, too.

T: Maybe discuss books that we’re reading… And guests. What about the guests?

J: Yes! Definitely guests. Maybe even some competitions and prizes.

M: We’ll also talk about our works in progress or other exciting things that are happening to one or two or all of us.

J: For sure.

T: But as today’s our first time (we’re virgins?), the obvious topic is beginnings…. So how did you two get started as erotica writers?

J: Malin, you first.

M: Well, the short version is that I’ve been writing pretty seriously for about ten years, but I only started focusing on erotica about two years ago. Before that, I wrote the occasional bit of erotica, but only for myself. Then I stumbled over some open submission calls and started submitting to anthologies. Pieces started getting accepted, and suddenly, I was writing a lot more erotica.

T: Thank goodness!

M: After The Big Book of Orgasms reading, (where Jade and I met), I went to erotica full-time, and I’m happier as a writer than I’ve ever been.

J: Funny you mention “happier as a writer than [you’ve] ever been”—that’s exactly where I’m at, now. I started in spec fic (which I still love) and occasionally wrote erotica, but I didn’t know what to do with it. I ended up at a Fantasy/Sci-Fi writing conference having submitted a piece for a critique workshop. The readers flashed me raised eyebrows, and the workshop leader said, “Do you realize you’ve written a piece about a stripper werewolf?”

M: Did you realize you’d written about a stripper werewolf?

J: Honestly, it hadn’t dawned on me until he said it, and the group pointed out I had a flair for titillation…and suddenly, I’d found what really drew me! What about you, Tamsin?

T: I was dabbling in fiction, not too successfully, when I stumbled across a submission call for erotic short stories. So I thought to myself—yeah, I could do that. Despite the fact I hadn’t actually read any erotica at that point.

J: Whoa. Really?

T: Sure—I had read nothing! So I read one free short story, just to check how saucy I needed to be, and then I wrote one and sent it off. And…it got accepted—I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t because it was a really weird story, set in a dentist’s surgery…. Very strange. But I haven’t stopped since! And I’ve read a few more stories since then!

M: Your dentist story sounds great by the way. I love weird.

J: Me too. Spec fic background!

T: I wouldn’t say it was weird-good—just plain strange. A girl with dental phobia gets fingered by the nurse to make her forget she’s having a filling. It really made me feel squeamish about going to the dentist for quite a time!

M: Tamsin, you just cracked me up. I’d love to read it.

J: Me too!

T: Ha—one day I’ll send it to you both and you can see what I mean.

M: For what it’s worth, the first erotic story I ever sold had absolutely no sex in it. Lots of kissing (and it was hot kissing), but no sex. Go figure.

J: Well, I just have to say, I’m so glad we all made it to erotica—and of course, into each others’ orbs.

T: So am I—I’m having a blast with you two!

M: Likewise! Cheers to erotica and the people who read it!

J: Hear hear! Speaking of our readers, we should tell them about the newsletter.

T: Yes. Once a month we’ll be sending out a newsletter packed with all our latest updates—new releases, blog tours, details about forthcoming sessions and what we’ve been up to. Please sign up to make us feel popular.

J: Yes, please do! There’s a signup right here at http://pillowtalkwriters.com.

M: And you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook, as well. We’re everywhere. Everywhere! *Cue charmingly evil laughter.*

T: There’s simply no escaping us!

J: But we promise to make it a sweet experience.

M: Always…

T: You two sweet talkers!

J: Who, us? 😉 All right, I think that definitely gives our readers a good sense of what Pillow Talk is all about. Perhaps we should save more deliciousness for our newsletter?

T: You can sign up for the first edition now—and then it really gets going on 20th June…. Okay, I think it’s time to wind up proceedings.

M: I think so.

J: Agreed.

T: Hopefully we’ll see you at our next session—and please share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter in the meantime.

M: Absolutely. We’d love to hear from you.

J: And thanks so much for joining us

Jade, Malin and Tamsin

Superotica Valentine – Day 9



Today I’m welcoming my dear friend, Jade A Waters, back to Superotica with a fabulous short that she’s written just for us. Wow! Thanks, Jade!



Jade A. Waters

One hour, thirty-four minutes, twenty-seven seconds and two shots of gin. That’s exactly what it took him to get me off the dance floor and into the room.

The dancing was lusty. He bent me this way and that, one hand clutched against my back and the other on my chest, his fingers spread wide as they raked along my sternum. His breath smelled of gin and his cock nudged against my thigh.

Normally, I wouldn’t have said yes to this. I’d have made him dance with me for hours, more hours, than just one hour and a couple of measly minutes. But he was slick and suave, his dark hair thick around his face and his smile so out of this world I could see the stars shining in his teeth.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, “and damn, you can move.”

He could, too—straight against my back. His hands were tight on my hips as he steered me out of the club and up the elevator to a room at the end of the seventh floor. He slammed me against the door, my head banging on the copper number 52 before he grabbed my chin in his hand.


My answer was a wide-eyed pant, and he took my mouth in a long, deep kiss before popping open the door.

He guided me backward by a hand on my groin, then brushed back the strands of hair that had fallen into my face. My heart thundered in my chest. When the back of my legs hit the bed, he spun me around.

“Strip,” he said. He sat on the mattress, unfastening his tie. Watching. He had black eyes that commanded my movements. I should have been stubborn. I should have drawn it out.

Aloof was never my forte.

I was naked in forty-three seconds.

“Gorgeous.” He lifted his fingers to the drenched crevice between my thighs, testing me. Approval flickered across his face and he tipped his fingertips to penetrate me. I moaned. “Spread your legs.”

Impossible. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. Two shots of gin and already he had me here, naked and spreading my thighs?

I separated my feet. His fingers snuck all the way in, searching inside me. When I pitched forward to cup his face, he shook his head.

“This is how you’ll come. Put up your hands.”

I reached them for the sky and he pressed his mouth against my navel, tonguing it instead of my throbbing clit. Such a tease. His fingers glided and stroked, rubbing skillfully against my ridges.

He drew almost all the way out, cocking his head to listen to my whimpers. He took a few more laps at my belly button and then shoved his fingers in again. His thumb was quick to my swollen nub, massaging me so fast, so easily, into a series of heated cries. I came, my walls shuddering around his fingers, my belly tightening beneath his tongue. It was the wail I released that brought him up to a stand, his face lighting in a smile as I trembled under his gaze.

He came around behind me and pushed me forward. I caught myself as I landed on the bed, my legs wide while Arthur unzipped his fly and guided his crown against me.

“Two shots of gin and my wife comes in under three minutes.”

He thrust deep, both of us moaning. I grasped the comforter and arched up my ass.

“Again, Arthur,” I said.

His hands were on my hips, his breath ragged as he dragged himself slowly back out. He drove forward with a curse and groaned my two favorite words.

“Gladly, beautiful.”

It was two minutes, seventeen seconds, and the memory of two shots of gin before I came again.

Superotica Advent Calendar – Day 17

advent banner 3


Today’s excerpt is an exclusive from Violet Blue’s Best Women’s Erotica 2014. It’s from the story Toys by my fellow BWE-er, Jade A Waters – she’s relatively new on the scene and I can’t wait to see a whole lot more from her…

“I have an idea.” Daniel crawled over to the bed, planting his lips on hers before running his hand down her belly and between her thighs. He teased her with a quick exploration of her outer folds, and Jennifer moaned when he yanked his hand away. “Close your eyes and I’ll pick something.” He paused to slip his tongue into her mouth, twirling it in a more frenzied movement than usual. Suddenly, he stopped.

“And then, I’m going to fuck you until you cry out for me, over and over again. What do you think?”

Jennifer gasped. “Oh wow. Yes, please.” She closed her eyes as directed, feeling the shifts of the bed as Daniel climbed back down to the floor. The anticipation was more intense with her eyes shut, the room’s air tickling her pert nipples and the abandoned, heated creases of her sex. She tried to stay calm as she listened to the sounds of him riffling through the box.

“Oh yes. This is it.”

What had he grabbed?

“Keep your eyes closed, okay?”

“Yes.” He crawled over her and settled his weight on her thighs. She could feel his gaze over her, and his fully hardened cock now nudged her about an inch below her pussy.

Daniel laid his hand over her mound. He circled his fingers over her trimmed curls, then dipped one of them between her folds to graze her opening. “Jennifer…you’re soaked already.” He grunted in approval. “I can’t wait to see what happens when I use your toy on you.”

Jennifer squirmed.

Was it a vibrator?

Had he chosen a dildo?

“Or maybe toys.”

Her inner walls tightened. A plug?

Daniel shoved his finger into her and she moaned. “Dammit, baby, you’re so wet I could fuck you right now, but I won’t. None for me until you come.” He rolled off and licked her belly, tracing his tongue down until he lingered above her clit, and Jennifer pinched her eyes shut tighter. She already wanted to scream, and the slow glides of his finger while he blew hot air against her mound made for the sweetest torture.

“Please,” she whispered.

But Daniel withdrew his finger.

Before she could speak, he pressed the silicone head of one of her dildos against her. Jennifer wasn’t sure which one it was, and she inhaled while Daniel adjusted the tip to fit inside her opening.

“Do you like that?”

She nodded. He inched it farther, moving so slowly the thick plastic rubbed along her walls in the most delightful of ways. Once the base struck her folds, Daniel jerked it back until only the tip remained inside her.

Jennifer growled at the immediate emptiness. “More,” she begged.

Best Women’s Erotica 2014 is available at:

Amazon        Barnes and Noble        Amazon Canada        Amazon UK

The Book Depository        Books-A-Million         IndieBound

Cleis Press        Powell’s        Chapters.Indigo.Ca

Superotica Advent Calendar – Day 4

advent banner 3


Today, I’ve got a guest excerpt on the Superotica Advent Calendar – enjoy this spicy Christmas delight from Jade A Waters’ delightful Office Santa:

“Well, well, well, young lady,” he said, in classic Santa fashion. I gave a brief curtsy, and Nick guided me onto his thigh. The soft felt of his costume was delightful on my ass through the holes of my fishnets, and I squirmed on purpose. Nick coughed, then said, “Kristi…er, Mrs. Claus…fancy seeing you here in my lap.”

I stared into his eyes. Against the red of the costume they shined the brightest green, and I was ready for him to show me naughty and nice. “Can I tell you what I want for Christmas, Santa?” I said, pursing my lips.

He shifted.

“Why yes, yes you can.” He curved his hand around my side, drawing me closer, and I took this as an excuse to sidle directly against his belly.

Nick gasped, since my thigh now rested against the hard-on he had hidden beneath those fuzzy red pants.

“Oh my Santa,” I said, raising an eyebrow. “It appears you might be after the same Christmas wish that I am.”


I placed a finger over his lips, then grabbed his hand. He’d skipped the costume gloves, but that was okay because they’d be in the way for what I did next—which was shove his hand up my skirt. “Are you okay with this?”

Nick grinned. He snuck his fingers against the crevice between my thighs. He stroked them down and back up, his fingers still hot through my fishnets and panties. I scooted as close as possible and moved my mouth near his.

“Are you?” he asked.

“I have a thing for the costume and I just put your hand under my skirt. Do you really need to ask?”

“You’re turned on by this suit?” He pressed his fingers harder against me, finding the swollen nub of my clit through the fabric and swiping at it a few times.

“Oh yes,” I panted.

We sat there for a moment, his fingers chafing me though the layers of fabric and my breath pouring raggedly against his face.

“Tell me more,” he said.

“Well,” I said, “I’ve been a very good girl, so I think I should get everything I want for Christmas.”

The words made his cock lurch against my thigh, so I slipped my hand under his jacket. Buried beneath that stuffing was the fly of his red pants, and I hooked my fingers on the button and tugged until it snapped open. Nick caressed me faster and I snuck my hand inside his briefs, taking him into my palm with a groan.

“You’re rock hard, Santa.”

Nick nodded. “And you’re damn wet, Kristi. What do you want for Christmas?”

I glided my hand along his length a few times, loving the way he squinted his eyes. It was like Santa having a jolly good laugh, even though his beard was out of place. Nick weaved his fingers through the holes of my tights and under the sides of my thong, and when he managed to get two of them inside me, I whimpered.

“You, Santa,” I growled.

holidayspicewebAvailable from Amazon or Smashwords.