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Lost in The Big Book of Submission!



Looking for some super spicy reading as you soak up the last of the summer sun? Then can I suggest The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales, edited by sexy story supremo Rachel Kramer Bussel and published by Cleis Press? Page after sizzling page of slinky subs and hot doms, pushing each other’s buttons and playing power games… Just be careful you don’t overheat!

Superotica is the latest stop on The Big Book of Submission blog tour so now it’s my turn to tell you about my story in this pantechnicon of kinky delights. “The Lost Suitcase” is a little tale of everybody’s holiday nightmare-that moment when you discover that your suitcase has gone to Miami while you’ve arrived in Los Angeles. But the loss of this particular suitcase didn’t mean the owner had to go out and purchase a new toothbrush and swimsuit. This was the case with the toys in it-and given you know which book this is in, you’ll know what sort of toys I’m talking about!

Sometimes we’re all faced with the need to improvise and that’s what happens here. After a trip to Target, this enterprising Dom has restocked his arsenal (no pun intended!) and is ready for action!

TF1Here’s an excerpt:

“Bend over the bed.”

I knew the position he meant. I knelt beside the bed and leaned forward until my ass was bent over the edge.  I loved this moment-and I hated it.  He knew it and he made me wait until the anticipation of what might be coming next had me squirming.  I wanted it and I didn’t want it in equal measures.

A sharp shock of pain, a lingering after burn.

“There were so many things on the shelves at Target to choose from,” he said.  “I could have bought a leather belt.  Electric cables.  A table tennis paddle. A canoe paddle.  A wooden spoon.  A ruler.  Let me count the ways I could mark your skin.”

All the while he continued striking my ass, first one side, then the other, building up the intensity slowly.  It was his special skill.  I couldn’t begin to guess the object slapping hard and flat against my flesh and after a while I couldn’t even process his words.  I lost myself in the physical sensation, living and breathing only for the moment when he would transform the pain into pleasure with a slick of lube and the work of a finger or two.

Finally he tossed his implement aside, and I heard a metallic clash on the tiled floor.

“What?” I gasped.

“A skillet,” he said.  “They had it on special and we could do with a new one.”


Want to follow the rest of the tour? Here’s the schedule.

You can buy The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales at:


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I Hate Sex (and, yes, the moon is made of blue cheese!)


I really can’t tell you how stoked I was to get a DM a few days ago from Rose Caraway, the Sexy Librarian herself! In her private twitter message, she told me that she was going to feature my story, ‘I Hate Sex’, which appears in Violet Blue’s Best Women’s Erotica 2014, on the Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast today. I’m so thrilled by this. It’s read by the wonderful Lucy Malone who has narrated the  Best Women’s Erotica 2014 audiobook – I’ve just listened to it and I have to say she’s done a really brilliant job.

You want to hear it for yourself? Head over to The Sexy Librarian’s Podcast or click on the link below.

I 8646673_sHate Sex by Tamsin Flowers: Libsyn Player

And because I’m so delighted by this, I’m just going to indulge myself in a little fangirl moment or two! Writing is, as you probably all know, a solitary occupation. I spend long hours grinding out the words on the laptop or scratching them onto the pages of my notebook in the hope that some day, somewhere along the line, a few people will read or hear my words and get something out of them.
However, the getting the words to the people part of the endeavor is anything but solitary. In this case, three amazing people helped to put I Hate Sex on the page and into your ears, so to show my appreciation to them, I want to give them each a little shout out here. If you don’t know about them or the rest of their work, follow some of the links and get acquainted!
Violet Blue is the editor of Best Women’s Erotica 2014 – so a massive thank you to her for picking the story out of her slush pile in the first place. But Violet does so much more than simply edit erotica (and actually, there’s nothing simple about that!) I can’t begin to cover everything she does here, but here’s how she’s been variously described:
‘…one of the 40 bloggers who really count.’ The Times
‘One of the leading figures in tech writing in the world.’ The Guardian
Violet Blue is omnipresent on the web.’ Forbes
America’s leading (very) public intellectual sexologist.’ The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
You can find her at her blog Violet Blue :: Open Source Sex, on Facebook and Twitter.
Rose Caraway is the Sexy Librarian! Not only does she write, edit and narrate erotica, she creates and narrates the wildly popular Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast and the Sexy Librarian Blogcast. Rose’s dulcet tones have recruited an ever-growing army of fans – the Lurid Listeners, who are as devoted at they are loyal – and she’s recently celebrated a Number 1 bestselling erotica audio book with her narration of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Big Book of Orgasms. In September, Rose sees the release of her first erotica anthology for Cleis Press, The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica. I’m probably as excited about this as she is, because I have a story in the antho – and I know Rose is planning all sorts of fun for an explosive launch!
Lucy Malone is, for me, a new acquaintance. Lucy has narrated more than 50 erotica audio books, including Violet Blue’s Best Women’s Erotica 2014 from which ‘I Hate Sex’ is taken. I loved hearing her narrate my words and I’m looking forward to listening to a lot more of her work. She blogs at From Lucy’s Lips and you can find her audio books here. And of course, she’s on Facebook and Twitter.
So go check them out!

Want to join Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Mile High Club?


Buckle up, strap down and put your seat in the upright position – we’re about to take off for a flight of fancy! Rachel Kramer Bussel is inviting you to join the Mile High Club with her latest Cleis Press anthology, High Flying. Destination? Nowhere in particular – it’s just an exercise in revving up your engines!

FlyingHigh_hiresAs usual, Miss Kramer Bussel has gathered together some of the most talented erotica writers around and this time she’s tasked them writing sex on a plane. And, as there’s nothing I love more than a bad pun, I’m delighted to say they’ve reached new heights. More seriously, there’s a lot to like about this book. Firstly, the cover’s cute – though whenever I try to hang my feet out in the aisle, some trolly dolly threatens to mow them down with the drinks cart! Next, the table of contents is like a roll call for fabulous writing, featuring Alison Tyler, Rachel herself, Kristina Wright, Cheyenne Blue, Donna George Storey, Thomas S Roche, Elizabeth Caldwell, Sommer Marsden, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Bill Kte’pi, Zach Lindley, Desiree, Jeremy Edwards, Matt Conklin, Vanessa Vaughn, Craig J Sorensen, Stan Kent, Geneva King and Ryan Field. So now you know you’re in for some fun!

Despite the limitations of the theme, there’s plenty of variety between these covers. Craig J Sorensen finds a novel use for a banana, Jeremy Edwards invents a whole new flight class, Sommer Marsden finds new meaning in the term ‘scream queen’, while Kristina Wright revisits first love, or should I say, lust. All in all, the pilots, the passengers and the flight crew simply can’t keep their hands off each other once they reach 30,000 feet.

Here’s a teaser from Donna George Storey’s Nasty Little Habit to encourage you to book your ticket…I mean buy the book!


He begins to strum.

Each stroke of his finger sends sparks sizzling through my pussy. My cheeks burn and I’m trying so hard not to moan, my ribs ache. I squeeze Paul’s wrist to steady myself but – devilishly – he only quickens the pace. There’s no turning back now, because I’m a slave to that jiggling finger. I’m a horny slut who wants it so bad, she’ll let a stranger finger her twat on an airplane, yes, she’ll let him rub her wet, swollen pussy until she comes, which is just what I’m doing right now, yes, I’m coming all over Paul’s hand. I grit my teeth to hold back the scream rising from my belly, ricocheting through my body as my ass jerks rhythmically into the cushion.

Amazon US

Cleis Press

Welcome to the Mile High Club – I hope you’ve enjoyed your flight!



Superotica Valentine – Day 10



Today the Superotica Valentine countdown is playing host to Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Best Bondage Erotica 2014 blog tour – and I’ve chosen an excerpt of Annabeth Leong’s wonderful story, Eel.

Before she could get away, I dove for her, trapping her with my weight again. Alicia yelped in surprise. The sweaty, sweet smell of her slippery skin threatened to distract me. I wanted to lick her. Everywhere.

I still hadn’t earned it.

This time, I started with the fifty, winding it around her torso as rapidly as I could. “Kristi, what the hell? I already proved your knots can’t hold me.”

I grinned down at her. “Honey, did you think I was only good for one shot? Those boys you’re choosing must not have much stamina. I’m here all night.” This, in fact, was my plan. If the sweat on her skin was any indication, she’d had to struggle to release herself, no matter how simple the challenge. Alicia might be more experienced at this game than I am, more flexible than I am and better at martial arts, but I had the rope on my side. I’d get rests, no matter how short. She wouldn’t. At some point, I calculated, she’d be tired enough that I could lay down a good set of ties without having to fight her too hard. And I had some nasty tricks up my sleeve for when that moment came.

Her eyes widened with understanding. I’d shown my cards, but at this point I didn’t think it would hurt my chances. “That’s not fair!”

“Is that against the rules, sweetheart? I didn’t know.” I waited a beat, then continued. “You can safeword out if you don’t like it. Otherwise, I’ll tie you up over and over again until I teach you some respect.” I punctuated the statement with an emphatic tug of the rope that made her sigh. Her body relaxed in my arms for just a second, and I caught a glimpse of the state Alicia craved but could not allow herself. The power of the vision made my hands tremble with desire.

I wound the rope around her chest a few more times, well aware that the more loops I added, the tighter my harness would feel. I couldn’t help brushing her nipples in the process. I wanted to squeeze and suckle them. To concentrate on the task at hand, I promised myself that I could spend as long as I wanted on them once I took Alicia to the point of delicious surrender—a place I wasn’t sure she’d actually been before. The idea of being the first top to take her there appealed to me with a fierce, primal tug. I guess everyone likes to pop a cherry.

This time, I tied her in the “damsel in distress” style, wrapping her in coils of rope from her upper arms down to her ankles. I hoped she’d have a slow, exhausting time ahead of her.

When I finished, I positioned her carefully on the floor. A lot of girls bliss out when they’re lying inside a tight, restrictive tie.Not Alicia. The moment I released her, she started moving and twisting inside the coil, a small, determined smile playing over her lips.

This time I made no secret of watching her. The more I handled her, the hotter I got. I wanted to see her cute little body writhing on the floor at my feet. Besides, I needed to be responsible anyway and supervise her—might as well do that in a way I’d enjoy.

The rope undulated in response to Alicia’s body. She stuck her tongue out of the corner of her mouth in concentration, seemingly oblivious to everything except the challenge at hand. I didn’t take this personally. It was my rope that held her, after all. My ties. By focusing on that, she effectively focused on me.

I’d tied her as tightly as I could, and for several minutes she struggled without finding an opening. I couldn’t help wondering what was going on inside the rope. Was her pussy juicing up in there? Was she getting off on the burn of the rope across her mostly naked body?

Alicia panted and threw her head back, her eyelids most of the way down. She certainly seemed to be having a sensual experience inside that coil. Again, I had to resist touching her. Even if I were willing to bend the rules of the game to my advantage, I wouldn’t violate the sacred code underlying our contest. She’d made it clear she wouldn’t grant respect until I proved I could hold her. And I wasn’t about to ask for any favors until I had her respect.

The point of her knee emerged from between two loops of rope. She gave her right leg a funny wiggle, then drew her foot up inside the coil of rope. The toes of her right foot emerged a moment later, working at the tie around her left foot, loosening it steadily. They moved with the sort of subtlety and dexterity that most people have trouble achieving with their fingers. In another part of the coil, I caught a flash of Alicia’s elbows, then the heels of her palms.

Like a butterfly, she wriggled and climbed her way out of my rope, slowly emerging in all her flushed, slick, beautiful glory. I couldn’t have taken my eyes off her if I’d wanted to.



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Rubber obsession? Moi?

*…shifty glance around to check that no one else is listening*

I have a confession to make. Even though I’m a published erotica writer—which obviously means I’ve been there, done that and tried every possible permutation, position, flavor and denomination of sex that there is—I’ve never worn latex! It may sound extraordinary, even beyond belief, but it’s absolutely true. I’ve never slipped into a little black rubber dress or pulled on a pair of PVC panties.

But now, thanks to Rachel Kramer Bussel, I want to. Strike that. I’m desperate to—it’s becoming a whole new obsession with me. And when I do obsession, boy, do I obsess! Why? Well, it’s all because my wonderful friends at Cleis Press sent a shiny new copy of Rachel’s latest anthology, Lust in Latex. The sub-title of which is Rubber sex stories. Are they ever!

So let me share with you a little taste of what kick-started in me a latent desire for all things latex…6813717_s

  • ·         She loved latex almost as much as Jon did; the way it captured her skin, the odd combination of softness and strength. … And latex panties. All she had to do was step into a pair—crotchless, backless, a tiny black thong—and she’d be wet in a second. Shanna Germain
  • ·         When Carrie put the dress on, she felt like a different person. She was a different person. … In that shiny black PVC dress, she became Carrie the seductress. Carrie the bad girl. Carrie the slut. Kristina Wright
  • ·         …her moist hands sliding up and down the fire-engine red rubber underwear, now glistening with sweat, glowing under the fluorescent lights as if they were alive, an animal presence, glued to every inch of her body, pulsating. Lillian Ann Slugocki
  • ·         He felt incredible, like some kind of sexy alien coated in a supernatural skin. Rachel Kramer Bussel
  • ·         The intricate outlines of her shaved pudenda were of infinite fascination to me, as were the gradually more visible outlines of the blue-black Sanskrit characters tattooed above her sex, growing discernible as a thin film of sweat made the white latex translucent, then gradually transparent. Thomas S Roche
  • ·         …rubber crotches opening up to release steamy cocks… Jay Starre
  • ·         Slicked up rubber slipped and caught, slipped and caught, tugging on her folds, making the dildo twitch slightly. Pushing her, pushing her towards the edge. Teresa Noelle Roberts
  • ·         My own fingers, encased in that thinnest sheen of rubber, would probe and tickle my clit—rubber on wetness now—until the climax came and took me away. Alison Tyler

I would give you more—there is so much more in this stretch, sexy collection—but I have to get out to the shops. Somewhere, out there, there’s a small scrap of rubber with my name on it. And I need it now!

Lust in Latex is out now and is available from Cleiss Press and Amazon.

Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Multiple Orgasms

Rachel Kramer Bussel’s The Big Book of Orgasms is phenomenal. Not simply because it’s one of the best ever collections of highly-charged erotic short stories, but also because of the amazing buzz that’s surrounding it, building up in waves just like one of the innumerable orgasms contained between its covers.

Actually, though I say innumerable, that’s not strictly true: I’ve counted them! So, if you haven’t been tempted yet by the hyperbole to sneak a peek inside, let me blast you with the stats:

  • The Big Book of Orgasms has 242 pages.
  • 69 authors contributed stories.
  • 109 orgasms are described in full glory.
  • There are 46 heterosexual couplings, five ff encounters, six mm encounters, one three-way and one four-way.
  • 11 stories feature female self-love and one story of male masturbation.
  • There are approximately eight episodes involving bondage and a spanking story.
  • Eight vibrators and three dildos take on starring roles.
  • Two stories feature wax play and one includes water sports.
  • And I counted three incidents of anal in the book.
  • Oral sex? 10 times at least…

Get the picture?

However, if there are any pedants out there who want to check my numbers, please feel free! I’ll be the first to admit that some of these might not be exact. Because even though I’d already read the book from cover to cover, when it came to doing the count, some of the stories so distracted me that I couldn’t remember if I’d written down their vital statistics or not.

And there’s the rub… you’d think that with all that sex, there wouldn’t be room for much else in this book. But despite every story being only a few pages long and crammed with bedroom (kitchen, living room, outdoor, in cars and everywhere else) action , there’s a wealth of fully-formed plots, well-rounded and developed characters, great description and sparkling dialogue.

How the hell does it all fit into 242 pages? Well, it’s kind of snug in there!

So well done, Miss Kramer Bussel and the other 68. This is a truly fabulous book.

Buy The Big Book of Orgasms from:


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IndieBound (find your nearest local independent bookstore)


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You Like It Fast? Try Dirty Little Numbers


The book with what simply has to be the best cover in erotica this year is finally available to buy – and I couldn’t be more excited by what I’ve discovered between the covers. These naughty, dirty, flirty little numbers – every single story is a 500-word or less piece of flash fiction – totally live up to that gorgeous graphic on the front!

Dirty Little NumbersIt opens with a fabulous piece by Kristina Lloyd and then winds its way through the dirty minds of Jacob Louder, Mia Hopkins, T.J.Kaliber, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Daniel Burnell, Benji Bright, Erzabet Bishop, Raziel Moore, Jeremy Edwards, Abyssinia Grey, Angela Tavares, Daniel Burnell (again!), Jeremy Edwards (again!), Lana Fox, Annabeth Leong, Madeleine Hennefield, Niki Haze, Giselle Renarde, Stephen Dorneman, Waffles Irongirl (I so want her name), Heather Day, Shane St John, Arianna Douglas, Axa Lee, Adrea Kore and Regina Kammer to finally finish with my own little story, Dream Lover, bringing up the rear!

That’s quite a list of names I have ahead of me!

And here’s a little taster, Jacob Louder’s incredibly delicious piece, Third-Party Extension.

Third-Party Extension
Jacob Louder

Two cocks in our bedroom and my wife is ecstatic. Let me define: Erin is on her back on the bed, her asshole wide from my dick, her pussy wet as hell from his. Panting still, she smiles and stretches out her legs the way I like.

“Go on, Scotty,” Erin says. “He’s your present.”

He is Jordan. I don’t remember his screen name completely, but it contained the word “extension.” Four inches taller than me and ten times prettier. He has muscles I never had, and his cock—my God. Jordan filled my wife’s cunt, spread it wider than ever. She gasped and moaned in a way I’ve never heard. I thought he was hurting her, until I felt her body relax, saw the motion in her hips. When I fucked her ass, for a while there, he was all I could feel.

Jordan waits, looking me over with his coy smile, his strong chin. He cups his balls with one hand, then licks the palm of the other, bringing it down to his cock to start a gentle tug.

It’s been years since I had a cock in my mouth, and tonight, that’s all I want. I want to feel Jordan deep in my throat, to taste what’s left of Erin.

For-hire or not, it’s polite to ask. “Can I suck it?” My own cock stirs then. Jordan notices.

“Yeah, man,” he says. “Come do whatever you want to me.”

Erin moves on the bed, lets out a tiny moan.

This takes no time: Me on my knees and his hands in my hair and the taste, the smell, of my wife from the tip of his cock down its length to his balls.

I can hear Erin over Jordan’s gasps, his little puffs of air: “My God, look at you suck it. You are beautiful.”

My hands are wet and filled with him. I kiss and lick, rub my lips again and again in the spots that make him moan, that make him hold my hair tight behind my ears.

That’s when I feel her: Erin’s soft hands on my dick, my dick in Erin’s mouth. It takes a little while for me to notice, but she’s mirroring me. What I do to Jordan’s cock, she does to mine. Every inch I take, every gentle squeeze of his balls, I get the same.

The gentle growl in Jordan’s throat grows to a yell, and then there he is, pulling away from my mouth and working his cock at a rapid pace. His big load shoots all over my chest, his cream dripping down to my stomach.

“Fuck!” Jordan says. “That was awesome!” In this moment, he suddenly has the face of a man half his age.

Erin lets go of my cock and gets to her knees. She wipes her fingers across my chest. Once they are covered in Jordan’s come, she brings them to my mouth, and I lick them clean, like icing from my birthday cake.

Go get your copy now from Go Deeper Press!

A Smorgasbord of Best Sex!


Today I’m absolutely thrilled to be hosting the doyen of great sex writing, Rachel Kramer Bussel, who’s currently blog touring with her new book Best Sex Writing 2013.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been dipping in and out of Best Sex Writing 2013 and what a pleasure it’s been.  Rachel has collected as diverse a selection of articles as one could have hoped for and I’ve found all them fascinating.

As a writer of erotic fiction, I would be the first to admit that most of my erotica reading is fiction as well.  I like to see what my fellow authors are coming up with and, as you would expect from an erotica writer, I enjoy it.  However, there are obviously benefits to reading non-fiction as well, not least to start to understand at a deeper level what I’m attempting to write about.  As Rachel points out so eloquently in her introduction:

Part of why sex writing is so vital is because we all have things to learn—about ourselves, and about others. While this book will not teach you how to have sex, you will learn about what motivates others in their sexual desires, whether to engage in multiple relationships, perform sex work, come out as bisexual, build increasingly advanced vibrators, or more.

I can happily say I’ve learnt an awful lot about sex from this book and I’ve enjoyed some truly excellent writing.  Even if you’re a fiction fan, I would still recommend that you give this one a go – because remember what they say, truth can be stranger than fiction – or funnier or more moving or sadder… and certainly more interesting!

Here are a few snippets to whet your appetite:

I remember her not because she was either uncannily gorgeous or ugly, or because I experienced some disconcerting arousal, but for an eye-grabbing anatomical feature: the most protuberant clitoris I’d seen, or have since.


“As soon as I saw past the fact that in front of me happened to be two penises fused together at the base, I realized that I was looking at the only category of consumer product that had yet to be touched by design,” Imboden said.


Ryan and Jetha also discovered some interesting and oft-maligned facets of female sexuality that were borne out in bonobo research. Namely, that women are raving perverts, that they’re way more “bisexual” than men, and that they make a lot more noise during sex. Even more importantly: we’re all perverts. Or, as Ryan would put it, we’re “promiscuous” beings— promiscuous not in the sense of prurience, but in the sense of wanting to mix, being fiercely egalitarian and wanting to have sex with as many different people as possible.


Al decidedly doesn’t. “I’m eighty-nine, but I’ve still got that zing.” Along with chewing gum and sugar pills, he keeps Viagra in a plastic bag in the breast pocket of his shirt.


Once, after hooking up with a man in a stall, we walked out into the calm day together. I saw him go to his car, a car I hadn’t noticed before. In it, his children were waiting for him. Who knows what his life was like outside that stall?

To find out more visit Cleis Press, the Best Sex Writing 2013 site, Goodreads or Rachel’s own site, Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Best Sex Writing 2013 is available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.