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Rubber obsession? Moi?

*…shifty glance around to check that no one else is listening*

I have a confession to make. Even though I’m a published erotica writer—which obviously means I’ve been there, done that and tried every possible permutation, position, flavor and denomination of sex that there is—I’ve never worn latex! It may sound extraordinary, even beyond belief, but it’s absolutely true. I’ve never slipped into a little black rubber dress or pulled on a pair of PVC panties.

But now, thanks to Rachel Kramer Bussel, I want to. Strike that. I’m desperate to—it’s becoming a whole new obsession with me. And when I do obsession, boy, do I obsess! Why? Well, it’s all because my wonderful friends at Cleis Press sent a shiny new copy of Rachel’s latest anthology, Lust in Latex. The sub-title of which is Rubber sex stories. Are they ever!

So let me share with you a little taste of what kick-started in me a latent desire for all things latex…6813717_s

  • ·         She loved latex almost as much as Jon did; the way it captured her skin, the odd combination of softness and strength. … And latex panties. All she had to do was step into a pair—crotchless, backless, a tiny black thong—and she’d be wet in a second. Shanna Germain
  • ·         When Carrie put the dress on, she felt like a different person. She was a different person. … In that shiny black PVC dress, she became Carrie the seductress. Carrie the bad girl. Carrie the slut. Kristina Wright
  • ·         …her moist hands sliding up and down the fire-engine red rubber underwear, now glistening with sweat, glowing under the fluorescent lights as if they were alive, an animal presence, glued to every inch of her body, pulsating. Lillian Ann Slugocki
  • ·         He felt incredible, like some kind of sexy alien coated in a supernatural skin. Rachel Kramer Bussel
  • ·         The intricate outlines of her shaved pudenda were of infinite fascination to me, as were the gradually more visible outlines of the blue-black Sanskrit characters tattooed above her sex, growing discernible as a thin film of sweat made the white latex translucent, then gradually transparent. Thomas S Roche
  • ·         …rubber crotches opening up to release steamy cocks… Jay Starre
  • ·         Slicked up rubber slipped and caught, slipped and caught, tugging on her folds, making the dildo twitch slightly. Pushing her, pushing her towards the edge. Teresa Noelle Roberts
  • ·         My own fingers, encased in that thinnest sheen of rubber, would probe and tickle my clit—rubber on wetness now—until the climax came and took me away. Alison Tyler

I would give you more—there is so much more in this stretch, sexy collection—but I have to get out to the shops. Somewhere, out there, there’s a small scrap of rubber with my name on it. And I need it now!

Lust in Latex is out now and is available from Cleiss Press and Amazon.